Decentralized Technology 2.0 – UPDATE w/ Gallery and Poll

I seen this, it seems to misinterpret SAFE quite a bit.

Give me a quick summary and I will FIX the mis-interpretation.

I’m actually NEW to all this 2.0 - and partially did the Explanation and the Poll for my own benefit…

Thanks for the response

No worries (thanks)

SAFE is not a blockchain technology. It is a fully decentralised autonomous platform that is written in system level code from layer 3 all the way to the user. This is one reason it predates bitcoin by a few years, as the proposition is huge, which obviously has its strengths and the usual warnings about large propositions. This means that it implements a version of secured and reliable UDP and each layer all the way to user based application API’s for developers to create planetary scale applications with zero infrastructure costs. (one such application could be Storej, but it may be seen as a very different approach to storing data only at this time).

Apps on SAFE will include cross platform virtual drives, web sites, communication systems, media sharing etc. It provides a network that will allow developers to create global voting systems, integrate with other platforms (like Ethereum and Monitas) to create secured contracts and arbitration and much more.

This is the worlds first secured p2p network that allows people to create accounts and log in to retrieve private and shared data with no intermediaries. The vision is Privacy Security and Freedom for all of the people of the world, that they may consume (be educated) and produce (educate) information and enhance the world’s knowledge.

The network is backed by ‘farmers’ similar to bitcoin miners, but whose job is to provide storage, bandwidth and cpu power to the network. These farmers are rewarded in a currency called safecoin, that is a cryptographically secured anonymous currency, with similar attributed to cash. This safecoin mechanism allows providers of resources to be paid to protect our information and this will extend to other resources (such as compute) as the network grows.


Hope this helps a little, I am sure others would do much better, I am always rushing around these days.