Daniel Dabek at Texas Bitcoin Conference about the SAFE Network

@dallyshalla on the Texas Bitcoin Conference


Great presentation, 1 question about proof of human. Will there be a mechanism like that, when the network goes live? Will it be like a videogame where people do stuff in 3d? How is that gonna work?

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Yepp, in the game there is a quest line that if completed will earn you human indicator points, so that anyone can filter other users based on their completing quests. This should limit your interaction with robots if you prefer not to.


A proof of human is also needed on a per-login basis.

The account-tied and per-login proofs can compliment each other. Allowing for robust guarantees while still being a use-friendly implementation.

You mean an actual captcha? so that a person can not spam attempts to log in?

I’d add that bots can still exist, just that their creation will be laborious since a person using a ‘human attributes filter’ will not see spam generated people in the game. So for instance, I’ve added a robot that will appear when a technical indicator triggers a trade event. It maybe advantageous to see this robot enter the game and announce that it has an indication for a trade direction.

This robot is in the form of an independent player. So it isn’t baked into the game itself. The way I go about setting that bot up is to complete the quest, and always use that account for that robotic activity such as checking if an indicator moved to a certain place.

If that player robot I made to enter the game and make an announcement is annoying to you. You can block that player and it will not disturb you.

The first place, robots are massively diminished, and in the second place one can selectively block a robot that completed the quest line. The quest line is also time consuming, educational, and fun.

It needs some kind of quick check that you are human, preferably so unobtrusive that it can be required every few hours to continue use the network as human.

This prevents a human from registering an account, verify as human, and give over control to bot.

Yepp, though realize that in my description above, I’ve presented a case where I actually want to interact with a robot.

Not all robots are benevolent like the one I’ve described, so we can limit massive botting in a human world with quests and a filter; and also the ability to delete bots who have completed quests from view.

A trick I’ve seen with captchas and human checks is a system where the captcha is copied and is presented to a network of sites that “require human checks” and unsuspecting humans are solving the captchas for the bots. The poor user trying to pass the captcha on the ?fake? site is failed each time so one person is actually solving many requests by bots.

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