Cypherlock - defend accounts against crowbar and legal compulsion

I’m wondering if Cypherlock might be useful alongside, or with SAFE integration, as protection for accounts.

I confess that on first reading the article below, I don’t understand how it defeats attacks! But there’s also a presentation linked in the article. And here’s the github repo.

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Maybe decryption is not the problem. Imagine if your OS could do this:
You enter password123 it decrypts your modest account.
You enter P4ssw0rd*_> it decrypts your super secret SAFE account.

A frustrating trend is OSs using AI/ML, at some point they won’t need to coerce you, because they can just contact Microsoft or Google for your decryption keys.

Even scarier, why would these companies not use AI/ML to become you?

I know what you type, know how you type and so I like your type :stuck_out_tongue:

Our government will just put you into jail for upto 10 years. Was originally 2 years max when the law was created a few years ago.

When the idea was to have account name, account password and account PIN, then you could have your proper account use one PIN and a secondary account use another PIN. So then the account you accessed depended on which pin you used.

But now thats not the case.

I suppose you could use the first account choosing secret to choose the account and the second account secret could be the normal password you use. The first account (account choosing one) with a phrase and just add on one word for the real account.

  • maryhadalittlelamb is the “fake” account and
  • maryhadalittlelambfordinner is the real account