Current content distribution system strained, need peer to peer architecture (article)

“Current distribution models are already starting to show their limits.”

[Game of Thrones, World Cup, True Detective etc. ]

Article via Reddit: " Peer-to-Peer Architecture Could Save Streaming Video" …


Nice find. There is no doubt in my mind that peer to peer is the future, centralisation is just to inefficient, even CDN’s which are distributed (coincidently I remember reading recently that around 45% of all Internet traffic were delivered via CDN networks).

On the entertainment delivery front, we have often discussed how well SAFE software would work inside set top boxes, providing resilient and rapid delivery of data, while reducing or eliminating providers needs for such vast amounts of infrastructure.


I agree, but don’t forget that the big guys aren’t sitting still either…

I think that’s one of the reasons Netflix is doing so well. Moore’s law is helping them as much as Amazon by lowering prices. But I think we all can do better :smile:
On the other hand I don’t think Netflix or HBO are gonna jump on the decentralized train directly. It will scare them to be on a network which no one controls and will be afraid that their streams will be ripped and pirated.

Yes, but if you look at someone like Sky and introduced a new authentication mechanism (one where they can control access) you would have something quite compelling.