Crypto Meetup in Glasgow - Tuesday night Buy beer with Bitcoin, Scotcoin!

A wee bit off-topic as there is no specific MaidSafe content - unless some of you guys come and tell us about it.

What it is is a meetup for Scotcoin and any body else interested in crypto. We are meeting in the Allison Arms from 7 onwards, where BitCoin, Scotcoin will be accepted at the bar as well as £.
There will be general chat, walkthroughs of wallet installation and troubleshooting on both Scotcoin and BitCoin, some entertainment, raffles and a charity collection for local foodbanks.

Unfortunately due to the state of our society I felt it necessary to make this a fundraiser for local foodbanks. We are looking for donations in kind or in any coin.
Bring a tin to get in!
Nae soup, nae scoop!
Nae beans, nae bevvy!

There is a handy convenience store two doors down form the pub so no great forward planning is required.

This could be your first chance to actually exchange crypto for beer. And there could be few better places to do it, the Allison is renowned for its wide selection of bottled beers from all over the British Isles and the Continent. Crypto rates vary and will be posted on the day but we can expect to pay roughly 30-35k SCOT and somewhere around 0.012 BTC per pint.
see for more details.

Hint for Ayrshire folks - the Stagecoach 4 service stops outside. :slight_smile: