Cross-chain tranfers

Has there been any thought toward providing functionality to support atomic cross-chain transactions?
Support will allow the creation of trustless distributed safecoin/bitcoin exchanges.

The requirements are:

  • Time delayed transactions: Transactions that are not valid until a specific time. This is tricky as we don’t actually want to use “time.” We don’t have a regularly timed blockchain to give us deterministic points in time. Is there another way to get a concept of time in the safe network?

  • Multi-sig transactions that require the divulging of a secret. Support for escrow has been described, which will get us multi-sig. We also need a way to have one party in the transaction sign the transaction with a hash of a secret value (call it x) embedded within. The other party can only make a valid transaction by including the value of x within the transaction as well. This is accomplished in bitcoin with a transaction script. Safecoin doesn’t seem to have an analog, and it doesn’t store transaction data once the transaction is made.

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This is something I think we should find a way to achieve in the early days. If we could make use of bitcoin vendors etc. it would help adoption a lot. I have only briefly looked at it so nothing concrete. Good topic though, needs thought.