Critical Criteria: Farming

What do you all think is critical when it comes to optimal farming?

Maybe we can create a list here for everyone.


The farmers should always be given plenty of farming rewards to ensure network operation and growth. And the farming software should be easy to install and run so that the ordinary soccer mom and average Joe can start farming, like immediately. One click installation, and then a message: “Congratulations! You are now farming. Click here to see your progress.”

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I meant criteria in terms of specifics of hardware, software, OS, internet connection etc

Lol, sorry. I was thinking top-down. As for hardware people should be able use their old PCs to farm. I guess a lot of people have one or more old computers that they can connect and have running 24/7.

a bit of an older post…but may be some helpful info here…

A good internet connection. High bandwidth, no data caps:


Yeah I’m reading that one regularly. Hoping for someone from Maidsafe to comment :smile:

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Someone already did

Firstly I think the following is important

  • reliable internet connection. If its one that drops out “all the time” then its unlikely the vault will be trusted by the network
  • A minimum amount of storage. Say in 1st year this might be 1GB and average size used in the network might be 8GB to 16GB
  • Enough compute power to do your normal task with enough left over for the vault. Unsure at this time the memory/cpu usage of the vault, although we’ve been told its small.
  • The internet speed would need to be broadband (dialup would just be too slow)

It boils down to 3 main factors internet, storage space, compute capacity


If @dirvine or one of his crew could comment that would be super awesome

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It’s not fair to ask for David’s valuable time to answer a question that has been answered in detail on this very forum by many, many people.

Besides that, there is no answer to your question, and it’s because the algorithms that decide farming rate and vault trust have not been completed or evaluated to any degree (pretty hard to do that when safecoin isn’t even programmed into the network).


Precisely why he or one of his team would be the best person to comment dont you think?

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With the code still in development and testing still progressing, it is difficult to provide more insight at this time.

I am sure that when testing is done or mostly done that these questions will be better answered because the valuable information from testing will generate these vital answers.


Just on that, do we know what the new ETA is for testing?

a week or two when rust-5 finishes

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Awesome, where’d you read that?

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That snippet was from this weekly dev update

And as for myself, I’d probably try to use an ARM device, as it would suck up much less power than would a regular PC. Alas, my internet connection would most likely render that infeasible and will probably resort to renting some sort of remote hosted server. However I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the relevant content in the best farming hardware thread.


Just posted this for anyone interested in being a part of a test group: User Comparison Test Doc