Could LiFi be enough to allow MaidSafe growth without limit?

Someone on the forum suggested LiFi as a potential answer or part of an answer to an alternative communication network. Its been put forth that MaidSafe will subsume current internet infrastructure and that would be wonderful but it would also be important when considering risk to see that MaidSafe had an unfettered path to growth.

LiFi now has a bidirectional version and is now able to transfer info from indirect lighting. Its expected to be super cheap and ultra low latency with very high bandwidth. Its also difficult to interfere with and would generate no interference while being more secure. No spectrum issues. Can work even when light visibly off.

Neighbors could aim a Lifi light indirectly and link homes, quickly linking up whole neighborhoods. Cars could carry bidirectional LiFi and Maidsafe boxes connecting to other cars , houses, traffic ad hoc. Indie phone could be studded with LiFi bidirectional sensors. These could be the links for a replacement internet that doesn’t rely as much on the current one and makes makes the chance for MaidSafe to subsume the current net stronger.


Up to 10Gbs sounds fantastic, mass adoption might take a few years though


Prof. Harald Haas - My Li-Fi Revolution

Thanks Chris for this important heads up. The compatibility of LiFi w/ the SAFE Network is quite an obvious marriage given that we are looking to create robustness and ubiquity and non-dependence upon (eventually) level 1 &2 internet connectivity which we are not yet able to divorce from presently. @dirvine has discussed the potential of OuterNet satellite as an option but they are still in development too. LiFi seems about right and I hope @dirvine & @nicklambert will discuss MaidSafe’s possible role in the strategic partnership proposed in the above video through the University of Edinburgh…seems like the mad Scots just got madder! Way to go, in opening up this avenue!

Warren, Thank you too…I didn’t mean to leave you out! It’s just that I was especially pleased to watch this important video that Chris linked to Dr. Haas lecture. This could really be something, so thank you for starting the topic!

Oh me too but we have to thank Luckybit it was Luckybit’s suggestion from about a week prior. It just didnt click for me how complete of a a solution it could be.


The general idea I have for what SAFE Network could be is as a raspberry pi like hardware device which people purchase and connect to a monitor, plug into a wall, or just leave somewhere. From there it farms for the SAFE Network while also providing them with access to the SAFE Network.

I think just being computer software will not be enough for adoption. If it’s a mobile box or communications hub which connects to the TV, to cellphones, or to the computer such as a SAFEbox then I think it would work.

It has to be plug and play simple and secure. The SAFEbox should communicate via software defined radio, infrared, LiFi, WiFi and anything else. It should also be mobile enough to operate on battery so a person can take it leave it somewhere.

Here is an example
And another example


Plug computers typically consume little power and are inexpensive. One manufacturer claims its $119 plug computer draws 1.2 watts and can cost $2 a year to run.[1] The low cost of plug computers has led to a proposed “FreedomBox”, an always-on home server configured to keep communication private in the face of government surveillance.[2]
Plug computer - Wikipedia

I don’t think there are many examples I can find to describe it. Farming with something like this ought to pay for itself though right?


@dirvine announced a joint project with a Chinese (? can’t find it so may be wrong) group to produce something like this, though no details yet.


Still talks ongoing @happybeing @nicklambert will know more though. We have had sheevaplus in the office for a few years now to test. They are OK, but better is available now.


I think this is where the Odroid’s come in @luckybit, we’re using U3’s ( in house for test net 0 and I think @happybeing has also bought one. These are way more advanced than plug computers whose technology seems to have been stagnating.

We are in discussions about a JV with a Chinese partner for our own device, but these are in very early stages and we don’t currently have any meaningful info to share. As soon as we do though we’ll let you know.