Contest! Best comparison of Etherium, Storj and MaidSafe

Hey I got some Bitcoin and I’ll send $1 to whoever can give the best, simplest (not too long), quickest and most informative comparison of:

  • Storj
  • Etherium
  • MaidSafe

By Thursday morning, 9 AM GMT. (11/11/14)

Because I totally believe in MaidSafe #1 forever, but thought it might be a tiny bit smart to “hedge” my investments lol.

They all seem like possible waves to catch, in this “swell” of digital decentralization (to use my surfer lingo), but I see MaidSafe as the tsunami!!

(But I’m broke as #3// so no real pressure :slight_smile: millions of dollars won’t be lost if bad advice is given lol… Unless rich people read this. Then you’re on your own in facing them… But hey! A dollar’s a dollar!)

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Heee @whiteoutmashups


  • For now primairly for storage, but in the future you could host your website on it and more
  • Quote “the storage market is a 150 billion dollars”
  • They use SJCX (coin/token) which works on Counterparty, so you’ll have the Bitcoin transaction fee
  • For now when you upload a file you can only download or give somebody else it’s link
  • If you pay Amazon $3000 to keep your data, you could instead pay StorJ $15 for the same
  • Everybody could use it


  • For primairly people who code
  • Quote “It’s the android of programming” or something like that
  • They use Ether which fuels the network, transactionfee??? Every action you take costs Ether (Gas)
  • They are still working on it so for now you can’t do anything but wait
  • You can code anything with Etherium, your own coin, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, this has an use your imagination kind of potential
  • Only people who code in the first place, but because they might code a lot good stuff normal consumers might start using it


  • For primairly people who code
  • Quote “Maidsafe is the new internet”
  • They use Safecoin, no transactionfee??? Some action on the network are free
  • They are still working on it so for now, you could try out testnet1
  • You can code anything on Maidsafe, this has an use your imagination kind of potential
  • Only people who code in the first place, but because they might code a lot good stuff normal consumers might start using it

If StorJ is your harddisk
Etherium is Android
Maidsafe is the internet

If you feel like sending me $1 don’t
Send it to the BitGive Foundation (project water)

All I have to do is walk to the kitchen to get some water, unfortunately other people have to do a lot more.
You can also search on youtube for these projects and get a real hands down info (way better then what I explained, but if you could miss that dollar)



I hope Maidsafe is not primarily for people who code. I don’t code, but I’m interested in it as a regular user.


For now it’s for people who code. but when testnet3 is out you’ll be able to use it


Actually, 1$ at this moment is about 0.0021 BTC, and tomorrow that 0.0021 BTC could be worth more or less; therefore a dollar is a dollar!; however, 0.0021 BTC is other than just a dollar. :wink:

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Dude you’re awesome!

Let’s wait until Thursday morning,

But I think we might have a winner :slight_smile:

Lol, this

And I don’t think MaidSafe is primarily for people who code.

“Builders” are only half of it.

“farmers” are the other half/majority, and they don’t need to code at all :slight_smile:

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Good summary Eddyjohn.

Additionally, the way I understand Ethereum is that it’s Bitcoin but with built in code automation, where an address can have some code that runs every time you send it some coins.

In Bitcoin, let’s say if you send me Bitcoin, I promise to send 80% of it to person A, and 19% to person B, and keep a 1% fee. You have to trust me that I will keep my word and not just keep the coins. There’s trust involved. It’s a contract, but not particularly smart.
In Ethereum, you could build some code right into an address, so that if you send coins to that address, that address would automatically do the 80/19/1 rule. Everyone can see the code. It’s a contract, and it’s smart - you don’t have to trust me any more and it cuts me out. Additionally, as well as code that automatically runs, each address can store data, and each transaction can include data (not just an amount of coins). It’s Turing Complete which means that the logic is complete enough for you to do any kind of complex “computery” calculation.

Maidsafe is building a large network that is decentralised and secure. I’m looking forward to the confluence of Open Garden and Maidsafe which will solve for an unstoppable global communications network and the next step forward for our journey as a civilisation.


Sorry and another thing I wanted in the responses was:

How can you invest in each of them?

(except MaidSafe, as we all already know that one:)

Hi @whiteoutmashups

To my knowledge you can’t invest anymore in StorJ and Ethereum. You will only be able to send/receive Ether when Ethereum is up and running and you can’t really trade it for now. In theory you would be able to still invest/buy StorJ coin on counterparty. But how this would work, is a question that I don’t really know the answer to at this moment. If you would send Bitcoins to their IPO address, I don’t know if you would get SJCX. To get a good answer to this, you need to contact them.

Maidsafecoins can be bought from masterxchange, if you do keep them in an wallet like with 2FA enabled. If you know how to get to your privatekey, I would advice you to also have a backup of that somewhere save. Ideally you would download this directly on an usb and keep that in your safe.

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OK it totally looks like the Bitcoin are going to your donation address BitGive.

But I want to be a man of my word so I’ll leave it open until tomorrow 9AM anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

But in my mind it totally looks like we have a winner :slight_smile:

Wow I can wait for tomorrow
But @alewis also had a crystal clear explanation how Ethereum worked.

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He definitely did, and I thank him,

And I benefited alot from reading it,

But it didn’t address all the points so I don’t think he was trying for the contest.

Although he is more than welcome to!!

You can buy SJCX and MAID on Poloniex exchange if you want to stock up.


Also on masterexchange which got more liquidity

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Great question and great answers! Here are a few thoughts/additions on Etherium…

Is all about smart contracts. Think of financial and legal contracts and many/most of those can one day be replaced by a smart contract. For example, insurance is a contract between you and an agency (an extremely complicated contract) and could one day be created using Etherium (or similar). Real estate, financial planning, heck, an index mutual fund is really a pretty straight-forward contract.

And contracts are really the basis of politics, right? We live in societies of laws which are the contracts we tacitly accept to live under. We have legal representatives who are contracted for their services for a particular term. How much of this can be replaced? It should be pretty fascinating to see in the next decade.

I’m really interested to see how these 3 technologies will work together. You might have a Maidsafe app that you browse real estate with, then it utilizes an Ethereum contract to provide title insurance and uses Storj to access photos of houses, documents and so forth. In this scenario, and in many/most others I’m guessing, the end user may never realize there’s an Etherium component in there, nor anything about Storj. They have a Maidsafe app and provide it some Bitcoin and it negotiates the rest. I think a lot of this stuff will be like users knowing how the Internet works – most won’t know or care, and it won’t matter.


Let’s start calling Etherium, Ethereum


There is not much to compare here; each project does its own thing, in its own way. They can mix easily though each project has a hard coded ecosystem of its own;

This is highly unlikely, Developers would use the storage available to them on the SAFE network.

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