China upgrade GFW and VPN blocked

As per tons of report and official response, China is not only blocking SNS and google. They are now implementing a GFW upgrade to kill basically all VPN service. Rumour has it that the upgrade will be completed by April this year.

Personally, I could only access bitcointalk via VPN. If that’s killed too, any other options?
This is x-post from btt, is still accessible without VPN.


Mesh network. Once maidsafe is up set up a mesh network and simply don’t use the internet 1.0. All of China’s walls are on the internet 1.0. Also China has a lot of people and a very dense population. A mesh network should be easy to set up. There would be lots of nodes there.


Let’s hope that maidsafe network could be up before it’s too late.


你好啊 难得看到一个中国人 哈哈

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希望maidsafe 可以把这墙拆了啊

hoping maidsafe can break down this great wall


I am not the only one from China. Lol


No you arent :smile:


Yesterday’s post from EFF reiterates a key point: everyone should encrypt everything, even when they don’t need it.
At some point the govt’s will go bankrupt or have to give up on (at least indiscriminate) spying.

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you too???

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what you say?

This is very worrisome. I hope SAFE account creation will be as invisible as a reconnect to the SAFE network, in which case it will be almost impossible for the Chinese government to stop people from adopting MaidSafe.


It is :smile:


This made my day.


I understand you’re very busy right now, but could you at some point in the future explain more on this topic? I’m extremely interested in how it works, covering the initial connection to the network.

I already know reconnecting is done by reconnecting to one of the nodes in the close group of your previous session which is remembered (locally?), that is of course different for everyone so not easily recognized as a SAFE node. Supposedly they are all just UDP packets with encrypted payload. I just don’t really get how you can start the very first handshake encrypted already? Or does it contain a data structure that is virtually unrecognisable as MaidSafe-specific, appearing like random 1’s and 0’s?

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You have a list of bootstrap nodes + nodeIds + public keys, so you encrypt all communications from the first message. As you are connected this list keeps refreshing as you find nodes on the network. Then there are hard coded fallbacks (machins on the net we provide, hopefully little used then you can do an unencrypted connect. The last thing is being upgraded with a project one of our team created called Aware, where nodes will broadcast locally for other nodes on the same network. Then you ask for the node ID, relay a message via that node to get the public keys (called fob) and encrypt a challenge to the node. If that works then get close group and your back in action. This is for worldwide electricity outages and allow the network to find itself again. This part will be worked on more after launch to try and move to multi network discovery.


You know packages of some sort should be made be it compressed files or isos or something downloadable that could be stuck on a thumbdrive or disk containing everything needed to get safe running. SAFE should not rely on the net for transmission. I should be able to stick it on a disk and take it from a to b the old fashioned way. take a thumbdrive with SAFE on it into China, set up a few nodes and bypass the great wall completely. If you can smuggle people and drugs in and out a thumbdrive should be easy.

This can be done with anything downloadable, so its automatic. What wouldn’t allow this is a downloading installer (oft used by Microsoft for installing the leviathan Windows) but there’s no reason to do this for such a small download.


If Maidsafe can run on IPv6 networks, then, it will be very, very easy to run Maidsafe on top of Hyperboria, instead of the “regular IPv6 Internet”, powered by the CJDNS router, this way, this “China Great Firewall” will be worthless.

Maybe, only with just CJDNS, chinese people can by bass the “Great Firewall”, you guys from China just needs to have at least, 1 uplink with Hyperboria… Anywhere within the Mesh Network.

If only one guy at the “chinese Hyperboria” have an external connection with the “regular Hyperboria”, via wireless (CJDNS’s ETHInterface), for example, then, the entire “chinese Hyperboria” will have an “uplink route to the world”, dynamically configured… If 10/100/1000 people within the “chinese Hyperboria” have this uplink up and running, then, you can kiss good bye to this “Great Firewall” of China. Since this network traffic it will not pass through it…

I would like to see that happening!!


Well, I don’t the rest. But I see this without VPN when I try to visit

try , same issue?

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