Cannot update safe-authd

I just filed issue an issue on Cannot update safe-authd #463

Can someone lay out exactly what versions of the code we should be using with which networks?

Should I be already logged on to the shared vault ( with the appropriate CLI version) before trying to run safe-authd update?

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Also Is there a simple guide to producing a your first rust backtrace? Where would I find the backtrace once it is generated?


@Southside, I see this seems to be an issue in the old authd v0.0.1 so you are not really using master authd, you can either install latest authd with CLI binary safe auth install or with cargo run -- auth install if you prefer to use master branch.


Here it’s the answer to this, new version of CLI (v0.10.0) is for Baby Fleming:


Note that I’ve just updated that post which bochaco linked to above to say Baby Fleming is compatible with safe-cli v0.9.0 and above, and safe-authd v0.0.5 and above, plus I changed the links to the latest release rather than those specific releases.

No, you shouldn’t need to be logged in before you update authd. If you’re having an issue updating that then you are maybe on a particularly old version as bochaco says, and that old version wouldn’t support the update command (can’t remember exactly what version we introduced that). The safe auth install command should resolve your issue by installing the latest anyway.

I’m no Rust dev, but I believe if you set RUST_BACKTRACE=1 before you run your command then it will run with the backtrace to give you more info on a failure. You can then see that on screen, or pipe your output into a log file if you prefer.


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