Btc38 opens vote for listing Safecoin

Safecoin is currently ranked #34

vote rules:
Each ID may cast multiple votes to the same coin:

  1. 1st vote by each ID is free.
  2. 2nd vote on the same coin will be charged with btc.
  3. With increasing votes, the cost for the votes will escalate. For example, my 2nd vote cost 0.0001 btc, 3rd vote is 0.00015, 4th@0.0002 etc.
  4. If you want to vote, you need a Chinese mobile phone number to pass the KYC verification.
  5. Coins with the most votes will be listed on BTC38
    Currently safecoin ranks 30# with 109 votes@0.00125 btc and 1# got 864 votes@1.03085 BTC.

Yes, it’s like buy your way in to the exchange. The BTC collected will be distributed to TMC holders, which is the btc38 shares.


interesting, but i guess i can’t vote since i don’t have a chinese mobile number. will post it around nevertheless

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No worries. Each week the 1# coin will be listed within 1-3 weeks. Votes will be accumulated, which means eventually safecoin will be listed as long as btc38 is operational. It’s just a matter of time.

BTC38 is a great exchange, shame I cant vote without a chinese mobile number.

Still no further than place 28 :frowning:
This would be great, was asking myself today why we are not there but didn’t know about kyc requirements …

They’re definitely missing some maid volume profits this way :credit_card: maybe one day more than the other but still…

You can get onto BTC38 without a Chinese mobile. There’s an international option for getting QQ number but it’s a pita and is temperamental. I stumbled through several attempts before finding the one that works… I don’t know if this is it but have a look: from QQ then BTC38.


Can you get in without a mobile at all? I only have a landline. Otherwise any trustworthy soul/s who is registered and hasn’t voted already want to give me their address and I’ll throw 0.1btc at it through them? Or several people to split the coin to get the most out of it perhaps?

Would be cool to have maid on as many exchanges as possible for when the day comes that everyone wants a piece :wink:

EDIT: hmm, looking closer it seems it would take a lot of us signing up to beat that top spot at the moment. I can’t work out how often they cycle winners and if they reset to zero after each winner is declared…

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Is there an english language version of the website?


Haha I can’t login or register because I don’t have facebook…
Man unbelievable

You don’t need facebook… it’s just trying to acquire data. If you get logged into and try again, it’ll likely just adopt that instead.

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don’t need to waste time, roll out the MVP, exchanges will list, nothing is going to help without MVP.

Not true… every little effort helps it on its way. Being lazy and whining while others do the work, doesn’t make it happen any faster. The world is not black and white and simple all over, it’s dynamic and interesting for that. The more effort to make SAFE apparent sooner will only help momentum. Being listed on BTC38 would allow even more people to consider what SAFE is sooner.

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