Botnet Army Farming

Would it be possible for someone with a massive botnet army to install MAID SAFE Vaults on their zombie machines and farm with them botnet army style?

Yes, I can’t think of any reason why not.


Not sure how efficient those vaults would be though and if it’s worth risking your network for that.

Even if each zombie earned only ten cents worth of SafeCoin a day and the bot net army was one million zombies strong, that army would earn $100,000 worth of SafeCoin a day for a total of $36,500,000 worth of SafeCoin a year. I would say that it would be worth the risk.

I wonder what kind of effect it would have on the network to have a million new vaults going on and off all the time. Is that a possible attack vector against the network?

To me it looks like it would be no different than a normal computer going on- and offline. Or we have to assume that people without good protection most of the time don’t use their computer that much. But it would be auite a job to build botware like that and get it on a million computers. Another point it, within 2 months Ethereum will be live, so maybe it’s more smart for criminals to mine Ethers… Instead of all these ASIC’s (think Bitcoin) Ethers can be mined on a PC again. The algo is designed for that. But you never know…

It’s gonna be interesting to see if people do it. On a side note, you’ll probably be able to see it by watching your list of close nodes, if they get closer real fast it would suggest a bunch of vaults just got online. If they get further real fast it means they go offline. And if you graph the average distance of your close nodes over time you’ll be able to see it how the network grows. That’s an interesting app to make.


That’s smart! Good idea!