Biometrics: The Changing technology problem

So I was on Kickstarter this morning, and ran across another biometrics security project.
The gist of the project is that these people claim to have developed biometrics software which using only the camera in your phone, use your facial biometric to detect if its really you (as opposed to a photo or video), if you are under duress etc.

Of course their, implementation uses centralized servers and all the other problems associated with the conventional internet, but just thinking about the technology I was realizing that we can’t ever put something like this into the backbone of the SAFE network.

Even assuming that right now, with current technology, these guys have come up with software that cannot be fooled (a claim which I seriously doubt), there is no way that this will be true in two to five years.

That got me thinking. Any kind of biometric test, is based on current tech, and will face this same problem. That means that unless we are going to give some entity the power to unilaterally change what the SAFE network uses to prove real and/or Unique human (a suggestion that I for one would oppose), we cannot afford to have this type of proof/reward built into the SAFE core.

It would have to be something built on top of the network and managed by 3rd parties in whom people have some degree of trust, or who can impose additional terms (read adoption barriers) on those who are members of their distinct group as opposed to just participants in the SAFE network.

@dirvine, will private groups be able to do this kind of thing?

Either way, because of the changing technology problem, biometrics, or anything else which suffers from this same kind of fault, should not be incorporated at the core of the SAFE network.

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I speak of exactly this in presentations. At the moment any biometric is server based, meaning stealing the data is like stealing a piece of you *iris finger etc.). To make biometrics safe you need SAFE I believe. Anything tech like this can be decentralised, it is just very difficult and different to normal thinking. When I get time again I will describe how this can be done, but it is far form easy and as usual murder for me to explain :smiley: no surprises there, unfortunately :wink: