Best Practices in seeking development of entrepreneurial projects built on MaidSafe platform


I see some mention on the forums regarding development, but I’m left wanting for information useful to my planning budget necessities & such with regard to hiring a developer to work on a project I have in mind.

I’m not fond of the idea of posting the details of my project publicly, for fear that it might get poached. Nor am I a fan of incurring legal costs associated with working with NDA’s. I’ve found that devs familiar with other platforms who I’ve already spoken with are good to their word when I simply ask them to keep the details to themselves.

I’m interested in hiring 2 devs for separate views on my project. I don’t see a way to see who’s available, interested, worthy, & affordable with regards to choosing who to hire for the initial consulting phase.

So I created this thread with the hopes that devs could reply with info so those seeking a developer for their organization could read about & learn where to begin, what to expect, & how to proceed with confidence.


Great ideas are cheap and plentiful. Excellence of execution is scarce and costly. A successful entrepreneur cares hugely about the latter but lies publicly about the true importance of the former.

Neither does anyone else in tech. Depending on how you count it, Google spends over a billion dollars a year trying to recruit people. Even by their own internal metrics they have a truly lousy return on investment.

MaidSafe are currently recruiting for people to join their HQ in Scotland. Finding anyone competent, even without relocation required, is enormously tough. Those who achieve that talent acquisition and retention survive. The rest perish.