Balloon Network Patent- 100km between nodes- transoceanic Safe?

As noted above, the super-nodes 410A to 410C may be configured for both longer-range optical communication with other super-nodes and shorter-range RF communications with nearby sub-nodes 420. For example, super-nodes 410A to 410C may use high-power or ultra-bright LEDs to transmit optical signals over optical links 402, 404, which may extend for as much as 100 miles, or possibly more. Configured as such, the super-nodes 410A to 410C may be capable of optical communications at data rates of 10 to 50 Gbit/sec.

This would be roughly hops to cross the Atlantic at the shortest point between the US and EU.
Maybe there is some steering tech to keep nodes where they are needed i.e., solar fan but could it overcome the wind? They apparently get caught in 5mph to 20 mph even in the ideal 18-25km range. Number of balloons to cross the Atlantic or other wide space might be quite high with such movement.

Regardless its interesting as another free space optical tech that could work with LiFi, and maybe Outer Net to spread Safe at least regionally. An Outter net approach would seem inevitable when Safe is at scale and the expense is less of an issue.


Solar drones could be used as well.

If Safecoins are worth enough then it will be paid for by the network to build, launch and maintain these solar drones.


Even better and able to stay on site. I noticed that Facebook had chosen this approach. Expense may be a bit more but the ability to stay up for 5 years at a time is amazing. Solar is keeping something the side of a “commercial jet” aloft for 5 years on charge in the day for riding out the night. To me this is proof of concept for solar cars. It should be Tesla’s next project as it could really augment their recharging scenario even if its just a solar tarp to start with.

I think it might have been North Wales in Australian that recently developed a slick solar powered electric race car that would seat two with some luggage and go 90mph and travel up to 300 miles on an 8hr sunny day charge. It looked like a Mazda sports car. It didn’t look rickety even at the tires. One could let it sit in the parking lot while working and then practically drive from LA to San Francisco. I love complete cord cutters. If I am not mistaken its a Dutch university that is doing a solar powered van- predictably its not as pretty. There is probably enough energy density in solar to some day build a passenger vehicle that under the right conditions might run indefinitely with solar- it might be quite a constrained design but that solar race car is definitely moving in that direction.