As a developer - How can I protect my code from intellectual theft?

I am used to programming server side code that is protected (with my node.js app running above /public_html so other devs cannot copy my platform/ideas).

Original Question: Will ‘secure enclaves’ protect code my code from being cloned?

Question Edit: Is there no way to protect code?

I will leave this questions open for any official answers until a YES answer is provided (If you believe or understand that the answer might ‘currently’ be NO - this is not negative!).

If the question remains unsolved for 1 week - (I think I can fix this!)

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They are not really for that. The idea with enclaves is they can run known code and remotely attest the code is correct (as in what you think it is). Lots of caveats with security there, but things like your code generates a secret key you don’t see (or the computer user cannot see) is a simple proposition right now. A full program is a lot harder as things like networking etc. are difficult there. Think of these as embedded machines, kinda simple in many ways, so your code would need to be allocator friendly, not do native io as you would expect etc.