Article: How Amazon Swooped In To Own Cloud Services

SAFE Network’s main competition - Amazon AWS?

This article sums up the rise of Amazon’s cloud service, and includes a quote from an old colleague/office mate :slight_smile:
How Amazon Swooped In To Own Cloud Services


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Good for Amazon, nice chunk of business. What kind of conversion/share of that business would be a result for SAFE network? 3%, 30% or the whole lot?

I’ve had one on one chats with a few friends, about 10 people, nothing serious, 3 have raspberrie pi 2 now sitting in a box next to their router, they are not content producers, site owners, or code, But have another friend, x boss, it’s fair to say he is a content producer, he stuck the first national newspaper on the internet, in the 90’s, a Scottish tabloid and now runs a helpful SME, Search/Copy, … i worked for them when it was run from a spare room.

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liked the mentioning of DigitalOcean. We use them to run testnets :). Fun fact


Q) Will their $5 month program be an option for farming Safecoin, or just suitable for testing, without safecoin? Does having some cloud service provide a benefit (assuming you can farm on DO) as the network emerges, in the early days, or are we out to get rid of this cloud concept altogether from day 1. I’m a bit confused.

The objective is to provide Secure Access For Everyone, and clouds are not SAFE as we know, but we can’t get rid of them, just provide an alternative.

However, by allowing everyone and anyone with some spare resources to contribute to SAFE anyone using third party or specially bought hardware is facing tough competition from all those consumers sharing a bit of near zero cost resource. So hopefully the pressure will be enough to squeeze profit margins and shift the bulk of cloud style provision to decentralised spare consumer owned resources.


When SAFEcoin-prices are high, it wouldn’t surprise me if some people set up vaults using AWS, Google etc. But when the prices are that high, probably a lot of people will provide more space, leave their computer on for a longer time etc. Users at home already have their computers, already pay for access to the internet. So when there’s profit to be made, just like the early days in Bitcoin and the GPU-mining etc. a lot of people jump on board is my guess.