ARM / IBM release IoT starter kit

Probably not the best system for farming but worth a look:

Not bad!

I loved this part:

Another more grizzly suggestion was to connect a set of smart mouse traps to the internet, allowing a building janitor to know which ones had been triggered and avoid having to check each one in person.

Personalized marketing! I’ll have to try that.


I have been playing with this IoT stuff quite a bit lately Very cool stuff – Node Red is very easy to use to make very powerful stuff…

I am loving it.

What kind of things are you doing?

I have an aquaponics greenhouse – I am working on sending MQTT messages from the arduino out there running the sensors and relays to a Raspberry Pi that build a web interface as well as sending back Heating and cooling targets based on weather forecasts and past performance…

Still very much a work in progress, but that Node Red Software and MQTT looks like it will make quick work of the job.