API calls to the clearnet

First of all sorry for my ignorance on this matter.

When we had the SAFE launcher, in the SAFE browser I had to toggle first before api calls to the clearnet worked, with the move to SAFE authenticator will you be able to make api calls at all to the clearnet?

Last thing I remembered while using the SAFE browser is that even browsing on clearnet is not possible with it anymore.

I couldn’t find the answer so…



We had an option to toggle for clearnet usage. We still have that option in the browser but seems to be opening on the external browser, which is certainly a bug. Will get this fixed.

We open the clear net links on external browsers if the safe mode is on, to enable the Claim an invitation feature and also other links for getting started on the home page.

Will fix this issue in the upcoming release. Thanks @19eddyjohn75


Sorry to sound bothersome, but api calls don’t really work
Here I’m trying the Shapeshift shifty button, but it doesn’t work

Yeah I’ve tried to toggle and even “hard reload”.

Maybe Maidsafe should have a Pwn2Own contest for the SAFE browser it could be insightful, it’s when hackers play with it that things get better.


wouldn’t that be a massive security flaw ?


Everything we use (from OS to apps) will have a super massive security flaw, because there are to many parties involved. LOL even when there are not many parties involved things can still get hacked (example Apple). Here is a fun talk about security

If billion $ companies browsers can be Pwn2Owned, maybe we’re living in a fantasy to think that we don’t already got a massive security flaw without a api call to the clearnet. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the SAFE Network, but I rather see it crash and burn a thousand times so that we can learn and improve to make it better/stronger/faster. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m thinking if you allow that kind of stuff, it can reveal the clients ip address


Do you mean that we dont need safe network?

Honestly, I don’t know.

[quote=“Lackys, post:7, topic:14565, full:true”]
Do you mean that we dont need safe network?
[/quote]The SAFE Network is the best thing that can happen to humanity, but we’re far from being secured online due to our Os and hardware.

What we need is a way to decentralize hardware manufacture. 3D printed chips and boards or whatever. Problem is getting a hold of the rare metals and rare earths that are used in creating such tech which is why tech hardware has become so centralized in certain geographic areas. Have you noticed the U.S. doesn’t make computers? It’s because they don’t have the rare earths to do it. Same reason China never got into oil same way the British Empire and U.S. did. Geology and geography. So my question is how do we decentralize tech that requires such specialized components? We’re getting to the point that we can’t trust mega mass production to be honest about anything.


The latest wikileaks revelations, vault7, all target host operating systems. Scary stuff. But it shouldn’t be made easy for em.

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