Announcing the BambooGarden Fund


We are excited to announce the creation of a fund to accelerate the Safe Network rollout and adoption. A strong secondary goal of this fund is to encourage “competition” for core development by offering rewards, therefore diluting the reliance on MaidSafe.

The fund is intended to be used for initiatives which will either directly help in Network rollout or build a user base for the Safe Network once live (which may include 3rd party app development atop Safe).

To achieve these goals, the committee will take a business approach and allocate funds to pay for professional expertise and work that will accelerate the launch of the Network. A fund committee will assess each application on the basis of its value in achieving this aim, in line with the project’s overall objectives and the Network Fundamentals.

Note: funds will be allocated for strictly professional expertise and associated costs only, not for activities such as listing coins on exchanges, or for paid promotions of coins/products.

This fund was suggested by a member of the community and has been created with a hugely generous donation of 1000ETH.


  1. To enhance the pace of deployment of the Safe Network.
  2. To encourage and incentivise core development of the Safe Network external to the MaidSafe team.
  3. To build a user base around the Safe Network.
  4. To encourage application developers on the Safe Network.

Also note that 5% of all funds will be allocated to the MaidSafe Foundation for education and innovation. The MaidSafe Foundation is a registered Scottish Charity with the aim of supporting learners of all ages to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities in a variety of subjects.


The fund is managed by a committee consisting of a subset of MaidSafe staff, and multiple volunteer community members.

Fund committee

The fund committee have now been put in place and with applications to join it closed as of 25th March 2021.

The committee consists of circa 3 members of the MaidSafe team, depending on their workload, and 9 volunteers from the community.

We don’t anticipate requiring any more volunteers for the committee.

Note that being a member of the committee excludes you from being a beneficiary of the fund at the same time (you could drop out of the committee if you wished to apply to the fund).

If committee members wish to remain anonymous to anyone outside the committee then we will respect that.

Each committee member will review applications with the intention of acting in good faith to select those that meet the fund’s criteria to take the Safe Network forward, and which they believe is good use of these finite funds.

We intend to decide on applications with majority rule principle of the committee votes.


The fund has been initiated by a well-respected community member. Should anyone wish to, you can also support this fund by making payments to any of the addresses below, should you be in a position to do so:

Eth : 0x23231a18748bA63de9908331173894f343719a59
Btc : bc1qwkxjx3vd24ansc07jzcrdn99zr9nf8cverav6c
Omni/Maid : 1MLRhWfaMbKb8xxSoHwPgZhEdyxWrDmY7N


This fund will directly pay for people’s time and expertise only. As payments are made, we will not expose the amounts paid to each individual, but we will provide breakdowns of the areas in which funds have been allocated. These could, for example, be CRDT consulting, network consulting, security audit, and so on. MaidSafe staff members will not be beneficiaries, either directly or indirectly.


To the best of our ability and in accordance with any laws, both financial and privacy, this fund will be open and transparent to all community members. However, we will never disclose any salary/payments to directly identifiable individuals outside the committee members.


As of 31st March 2021, the BambooGarden fund committee would like to invite applications for funding in the following areas only:

  • Formal documentation
    We believe the project would benefit hugely from having our algorithms formally documented. Perhaps a technical writer or the like who has experience writing formal algorithms and papers would be able to offer value here. Having these formal documents in place helps onboard developers who are getting involved, while also helping external auditors who we would at some point be asking to check our code for security flaws, bugs, etc.
  • Additional CRDT expertise
  • Additional consensus expertise
  • Additional networking expertise

These initial areas have been identified as a priority by MaidSafe and agreed with the committee. We would like to restrict applications to these specific areas for now to help funnel the applications at a steady rate for the volunteer fund committee members, while also helping us compare and assess applications for the same or similar projects.

We look forward to receiving applications to the fund, however, these must be supplemented by a cohesive and exhaustive plan in order to be seriously considered.

To apply, you can fill out this online form, or if you prefer you can email your plan and application to

If you submit via email, please include a summary of your idea and how it helps achieve the fund’s goals, a detailed plan on how you intend to implement this idea, and the expected costs of this proposal that you would like the fund to cover.

We would also love to see short video presentations, maximum 10 minutes, included as part of applications. A video presentation would help the committee evaluate these applications so we encourage them where possible, but they are not mandatory. Applicants may also make these videos widely available on the forum, if they wish, but we understand some may not want their ideas made public.

We anticipate that funds will be paid out for successful applications either on final delivery, or on reaching agreed milestones on the way towards delivery, with evidence required that those milestones have been met.

Each application will be evaluated not only on whether it meets the fund’s purposes, but also on whether it provides value for money.

While we cannot guarantee we will accept every application, we do encourage as many as possible.

Orphan Ideas, Nominations, etc

Not everyone has the time or skill set to execute an idea that they have, and likewise not everyone with time and a specific skill set has the right ideas to match. Use this forum thread to see if we can match donated ideas with the right people.

Would you like to nominate/recommend someone, either from within or outside the community, to be hired via this fund to take on a specific task? We want to hear what you propose and why you think it would work!

Maybe you would like input from other forum members to gauge initial reactions to your idea, talk through it and improve it further, or to help fully plan it out? This and related forum threads would be a good place to make an initial post with an outline of your idea for others to see.

We look forward to reviewing your applications and ideas, and to push the Safe Network forward. Watch out for the further announcements detailing the next areas we are looking for applications in, and the general progress of the fund.


Wow great to hear! Very cool that this came out of the community


@BambooGarden by any chance? :grin:
This is amazing!!


This is excellent news! It will help to seed applications and assist with core application development too.

While I would like to be a member of the committee, I would love to help develop applications and support the team even more. I’m completing my current contract at the end of this month, with a view to spending time with Safe Network, Rust, WASM and all things associated. If I can make ends meet doing this on the longer term, that would be awesome and a privilege!

For the person who donated the funds - my hat is well and truly off to you! :clap:


ETH 1,000 is $1.8m! (ref).

Wow this is good news and I’d like to solicit interest from anyone with reasonable JavaScript, Rust or front-end skills to contact me with a view to taking on work pushing the Safe Git Portal project forward.

At this point I’ve been taking a break, for a few weeks now and considering whether or not I wish to continue spending time on such a large project (or any code at all). So if this area (git / Safe-Github-a-like / Rust / WASM / Svelte etc) interests you and the fund would make it possible for you to contribute, or even take the lead here let’s talk.

Update 28th March 2021

I mentioned the BambooGarden fund as a way to fund gitoxide (a set of git libraries in Rust) to its maintainer who’s keen to support and develop open source decentralisation in Rust. He’s too busy to give time to this right now but is keen to explore this and hopes to do so in future (more in this reply).

Git Portal Links

  • Safe Git Portal Discussion (forum topic)
  • last Git Portal Micro Update (forum reply)
  • Git Portal repositories:
    • Proof of concept - first demo (github, live)
    • Prototype - active development (github)


  • Initial funding discussion (github)

This is exactly what we want to see/help and grow, but never to interfere. It is all happening,

More core devs please, as well. :slight_smile:


It’s very easy for this kind of money to get stolen misused or wasted.

I know what I would do if it were my money. I would donate it all to the general Maidsafe fund and have Maidsafe use the money to develop the SAFE Network more thoroughly or for a longer period. We all trust Maidsafe, that’s why we are all here. This money needs to go to a trustworthy source.

I don’t necessarily trust any ad hoc committee that is formed because once you invite people to spend free money, somehow you will attract a lower integrity of candidate.



This is just incredible and yet totally typical of such an extraordinary community. Much love and respect to our massive and generous donor for your contributions. You are truly a gift to us all. Ecstatic to see the team get the kind of support they need and proud of the community for stepping up and taking it to the next level. Eager to support the fund and cannot wait to see what kind of results this yields for the network.


You may well attract all kinds of candidate, including excellent ones! The important part is to select well. I trust MaidSafe and the community to select the committee and I’m sure the combination of community members and MaidSafe staff on the committee itself will be a good safeguard against problems. Funds can also be released in ways that ensure the work being done is genuinely useful. This is after all how the first Safe Browser was developed, only then the funds were provided by MaidSafe.


It will be, the committee is a mix, MaidSafe hold and finally authorise funds. We will be fine here. I understand the angst though, but this fund will be super carefully looked after. The driver for it is launch Safe and launch a completed and secure Safe and we will do that, however to get adoption it will also fund apps etc.

It’s a fund where we (MaidSafe) can be pretty open about the accounting and we can all see further into what happens with it. My own feeling is that this could be the touchpaper we are all looking for.


One thing I’d love to see is devs making tutorials and tools for other devs to more easily learn to build on Safe.

I’d also like to see devs who are knowledgeable about Safe development holding office hours.


This is real gambling. I trust Maidsafe, but I don’t trust everyone Maidsafe trusts. Trustworthy people can easily make mistakes in who THEY trust. I hope you all know what you’re doing.

Many thanks to the person who donated this money. It’s a lot of money and Ethereum is going to rocket up. Since this money is in Ethereum already, could we use it to create an ERC20 token? The person could use the Ethereum, buy Maid with it, and have some convertible amount of Maid. Or maybe this is just totally wrong.



I agree, but instead of the devs using a lot of their personal time, just provide standardized online resources so community members can learn for themselves. I made a thread about this called “Maidsafe University .” Community members could also volunteer to teach each other.


In which timezone? :grinning:


This is why the BambooGarden fund would be good to compensate additional devs to create technical resources.

Having a thread is nice. However, I’m thinking something kind of like thorough documentation, tools, and example dApps (kind of like this). This would be used to refresh and update the DevHub:


I personally think that security audits should be one of the priorities for this fund.


Hopefully this could be more broadly distributed. I’m thinking it would be great to have at least one in North/South America, one in Europe, and one in Asia to start. The Blockchain Institute has a global ambassadors program that works like this:



That’s it.


:point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

Amazing donation. Will really help the ecosystem. Again, just amazing.