Adding a "safe:// only" mode in the browser & link location information

Note: These features may already exist and I could have missed them, apologies if that is true.

Safe:// only browsing

The Safe browser doesn’t seem to have an option within it to turn off links to other transport mechanisms (http, for example) or (preferably) have an option to show a warning if you’re clicking on a link which leaves the safe:// browsing area.

Link location on hover

The Safe browser in its current state works fine, but one issue I’ve noticed is that when I’m browsing, if I hover over a link I don’t get any indication of where the link is going to, so I have to use the element inspector to check before I click on anything.

It would be great to have a similar feature to Chrome or FireFox where hovering over a link shows an indication of where it leads to at the bottom of the page.



This is the default. There was an option to enable http/https in the past but this has been removed in Peruse - to ensure users are kept safe from tracking and malware through surreptitious links.

There are often calls to allow http for obvious reasons, and I guess there will be ways to do so (forks or add ons), but the position at the moment is that the official browser won’t allow this.


but when a http(s) link is embedded it is clickable and opens the other browser - at least it was like this last time i checked …?

Yes, that may well be the case and I may have misunderstood Shane’s point there. I’m not sure that this behaviour is finalised. It’s tricky!

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To clarify, here is an example - open this URL with your Safe Browser

Immediately, a bunch of other pages will open up in Chrome (if you have it installed).