Adding a new version of a file

System Setup
Launcher version: [0.3.0]
Demo app version: [0.1.0]
Browser version: [Firefox 44.0]

  • Operating System:
    Operating System: [Ubuntu 15.04]
    Bug Description
    A bug? or missing feature…
    When I do try to upload a file with the same name(ex: index.html) in a safe directory, i notice that the old file stay there and is not replaced by the new file.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. create a template web site
  2. make a modified version of index.html
  3. try to add the file to the safe directory containing the old index.html

Were you able to work around this bug? How?
Delete the original file then i can add the modified file in the directory.

Also unable to alter any files currently published


Also unable to alter any files currently published

You can upload a replacement file if you delete the old file first. One file at a time unfortunately! :frowning:

I gotta go with: this ain’t a vcs.

…Or *nix-like either, unfortunately.

FYI, deleting the file does NOT mean you actually deleted the file. It just means you deleted the key/value inside of Data Structure. The file is still there.

It would be awesome to pull the chuck file, modify it, and then push it. This will never work due to inherit design, sadly.