Account Backup

Right now Maidsafe works with password and pin, let’s say that in the future we have a easier way to log in, personally I prefer SQRL:

Let’s say that you loose your account details. It would be nice if you had a backup, freedombox has a nice solution, splitting up key among family and friends. So if you would loose your login, you would just contact these trusted party to give you the pieces of your puzzle.

Sorry i’m to lazy to go and find the freedombox source :blush:

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Absolutely. the code to do that (key dispersal, Shamir etc.) in maidsafe is already there in this link It is used in the signing_tool that gets built in a way you can create groups to sign files keys etc. It’s easy to use and implement in any of the projects.

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Thanks @dirvine I learn more about Maidsafe everyday