Accessing Personas

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How are the Personas accessed by other users? How and where is a Persona stored? How can Personas be shared?

Not firm yet. General idea explained in this topic.


Thanks for the linke @janitor, I hadn’t come across that one yet. Found in that topic:

That list of personas would necessarily be stored on the network. To store it on the network, that would necessarily require a PUT. Is the user going to be charged for a PUT each time they create a new Persona?

I think so. Possibly the personas will be, similar to the DNS, another Structured Data type. Add a new persona is add an SD, charged like 1Mb not structured data.

In fact according to this RFC, and I think is a mistake, you need to pay at least one safecoin to create an account. You have more information here.

@digipl you are on fire today! Great links and something I will need to study a bit farther.

It the account creation attack thread I do agree with you that an account should not incur a cost to set up, just like browsing the SAFE Network should be free.

Disregarding the technical implementation and account creation attack of this, would it be feasible to have free account creation, but pay for any persona creation? Think of it like visiting a forum. Anyone can view the posts, but to post yourself, you must sign up for a persona on that forum and then under that persona you can post whatever you wish? (the single forum in this analogy is the entire SAFE Network)

In that scenario, personas can indeed have a similar implementation to DNS and just be another SD type.