About the possible existence of multiple SAFE Networks

Yet, when people with deep technical expertise keep telling you that what you propose is technically infeasible, you persist anyway. That screams of ulterior motives. One also wonders if a desire to form rival networks is the reason why you’re trying to set up and own so many SAFE forum sites in so many different languages and reject @piluso’s governance suggestion.

Of course, you’ll declare some platitude like “not at all; all I care about is SAFE”, but you must see how it all sounds suspect.


Blocking issue IMO.

I see 2 solutions that allow continued maids trading during the conversion process:

  • The network implements the omni protocol. The cons are:

    • bitcoin protocol must be added to safe code
    • every vault must also be a bitcoin node (or must trust another bitcoin node)
    • a global trigger must be implemented in the network to allow the conversion (when a test network is deemed good enough to become the final safenetwork).
  • Maidsafe foundation does the conversion manually (receives maids, burns them and transfers corresponding safecoins). The cons are:

    • it is a centralized solution
    • heavy work for someone at Maidsafe

The latter has my preference because safenetwork wouldn’t include any code related to this one-time conversion.

I don’t see how this would solve the issue because you still have the problematic snapshot.

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Many of us feel it inevitable, time will tell.

Iirc even David thought this likely / encouraged it.
But that was a long time ago that I made that summation.

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I think a preferable solution is one where no singular individual owns any of the sites, but rather there’s a clear mechanism for collective governance and oversight.


Ie my foundation proposal? Which I will do at the first financial opportunity …

A friendly remind that all the information in the international forums and sites is made easy to transfer through GitHub public repositories and full backups of the forums and is passed on to people who @moderators know. These people own the sites and forums as much as I own them.



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yeah omnicore is best option.

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You could compare it to LAN intranet access versus the global web. The intranet access is just for a few people and basically due to limited amount of people is not focusing on economics at all since it’s not created for commercial applications.

So even though these virtual intranets with their own Safecoins could exist, these coins wouldn’t be worth much since people don’t compete for namespaces, are not attracted to build their website on something with few users and due to the low amount of peers data would most likely go slow and distant peers could cause higher latency.

My guess is that there will be one dominant globally accepted network, where businesses want to build their services on and are easily accessible from other safe-sites through links etc. This deeply connected network is where the value is at, creating a new network must have a really good reason for people to also join this one, and the next, and the next and the next… You will be paying for hosting on every separate network, why not keep it simple and already be at the one that is leading in data versatility and connectedness?

Sure mining could earn you more safecoins on a different safenetwork but they are only really worth related how much the network is used and it’s hierarchical/constructiveness value.

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I hope you’re right friend. I personally will not participate in this topic anymore, because my opinions are misinterpreted and turns into personal attacks that are not based on real facts.

Ditch that stupid phone and use a real computer for anything important.

This is far from my biggest mistake. Once while trying to block one of the clones of Starsmick I turned a whole Dev Update into personal message… Rob was so kind at fixing it fast :love:

But seriously, I’m not always on a computer, in the real world children are dying and I giving my daily contribution:


This was my thought, but using the snapshot. The creation of the coin balances could be automatic as part of network startup, but sending out the keys manual. Like many real life systems where you have a human at the last stage of handing over the “money/cheque” when it involves valuable items. At one time there was 8 thousand BTC addresses that had ever had MAID in them and a lot less with any MAID left in the BTC address

Why couldn’t the wallets/purses just be encrypted pgp style using the address/public key. The private keys people already have for their MAID would then work to access their accounts on SAFE? No need for new keys to be manually created or sent or otherwise managed. The snapshot idea fits well with this. It also sets a neat precident that could be baked into the network, ie. every network launch begins with a set of genesis accounts based on a snapshot of the MAID block chain.

Some work on this type of pgp style encryption is described on reddit.



Great idea.

Reading the thread, it seems address is not enough, you need the public key.

“Love the ELI5, but to nitpick: an address isn’t actually enough. You need a public key, which when hashed becomes the address, but you can get that from the blockchain if that address has ever sent a transaction.”

So everyone would need to send / have sent at least 1 transaction.
( not much to ask )

I think we would need a tool to find the corresponding public key from the blockchain.

Yes it is. Anyone who wasn’t following closely and didn’t make a transaction to reveal the pub key would be excluded from the snapshot. There’s no way to just figure out the pub key because hashing is a one way operation

what is your solution?

So far I’ve seen snapshot, and sending to burn address.

Burn address requires a send, so not much difference in it as far as I can see.

Unclaimed coins could be held by Maidsafe until a pub key is available possibly.

My suggestion was here: