About the possible existence of multiple SAFE Networks

Yes you’re right, I’m not using a fork properly in this case.

My point is that bcash could start as a clone or as a fork. It started as a fork to try to deceive people that it was the real bitcoin and make them sell their bitcoin for bcash. In my opinion, this can happen to us as well, because it is really free money for whichever is running the scheme… So free money and for everyone holding MAID :wink:

And we have Omni Dex so MAID is not going away :wink:

Question: How many cloned Internets are there?

And the answer might be a starting point for considering cloned SAFE networks.

  • no data to start with
  • no one with coins to start with
  • competing with an established SAFE network which people have paid good “money” to store their data.

All these are reasons too why we do not see a cloned Internet

@Dimitar as far as the SAFE network is concerned
Fork == forked development code (the programs) and NOT the network or coins
New Network == New network using forked programs NO copied data


SAFE is a virtual internet. So how many virtual machines you can start on your real PC?

MAID will go the way of other now unused worthless omni coins (such as fake one and safex coin which was converted to its own coin.

MAID will die once it is converted to SC

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It will not die in a world with many SAFE networks…

Remember that the Safe network is not designed to grow exponentially. This is a huge pressure to create new networks, because there could be 1,000 farmers today and 1 million people who will wish to farm tomorrow…

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You say this but not explained why anyone would start a new competing network when you consider what I said above

Splitting the data among multiple networks will be the doom of all of them. Your computer would have so many network clients just to browse sites. It is not practical

And safe will do this, but I doubt it would start this way anyhow. It will start off slow and be adopted. It will follow a “S” curve like all tech systems from the Phone network to the Internet to the virus


It’s very simple. If I want to be a farmer and I can’t because the waiting list is 1 million people, but there is another network where I can be a farmer, what will I do?

The really good tech go exponential… Remember it is free to farm…

Nope I disagree, show me something that did.

Also the SAFE network will be as quick as adding farmers as splitting them will be. Or are you thinking there is gong to be 100,s of thousands of new networks. Once you get 100 people joining you will have similar wait times.

The beauty of decentralised autonomous network is that it grows quickly. If 1 million try and join then it grows as quickly as 1,000 tiny networks with 1000 people joining each one.

Basically SAFE splits into many sections and they all act like separate networks as far as people joining. And remember there will be the same total amount of data added on one network or 1000 networks

AND that is why we have only ONE www Internet not 10000 of them


I think it will be like a viral game. Safe is just software that you start on your computer for free like a free game. There is no reason not to grow with millions of nodes daily after a certain point in time.

I thought that the network accepts new vaults only if there is a need for a resource?

The main reason I see for an alternate network is a non maid holder coming along and saying, I can clone it , with all coins still to be farmed and none already allocated.

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Well your 1000 networks is getting 1/1000 of the data that a single network is getting. So the dynamics are similar.

X data on SAFE will see Y farmers accepted per period.

X/1000 data on one alt network will see Y/1000 farmers accepted per period. (approximately)

So 1000 alt networks will see Y farmers accepted per period. Same as the whole SAFE network

BUT BUT BUT people using the 1000 alt networks will need a client running connecting to the many multiple networks containing the sites they want to browse. What a nightmare that will be

Remember that the network is segmented into sections so the one SAFE network will have 1000 times the sections of each of the 1000 alt networks. And each section handles the load of new people joining so basically as efficient as 1000 alt networks


Well, we’ll see what happens. I personally will not burn my MAID and I will keep it SAFE :wink:

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Alt networks as I say will be in my opinion for specialised purposes. Like governments wanting their data ONLY on their machines. Maybe there will be a special archive system that wants to be separate for some reason.

But like the WWW Internet the first one adopted will be the one used because using multiple clients to connect to multiple networks just to browse from shopping site 1 to shopping site 2 to searching network 1 to searching network 2 to N will be so resource hungry that it will be abandoned simple because of the complexity of using multiple networks because sites are spread across them. The very reason there is only one Internet except for specialised intranets used by businesses and governments

Its the early period where we will see if others try to compete.

And @Dimitar adoption of networks and systems always follow a “S” curve because of human nature, resource supply, etc etc. And there is nothing in SAFE to suggest that it will break the mold in that respect.

Note that the virus growth follows a “S” curve. A very small section of exponential growth while its small then continues along the “S” curve and then tappers off when adoption is getting close to everyone


What you say I think would be true of a reasonable world. People are not reasonable. There will be groups of people who will not want to use the first Safe Network because it is bad (choose a reason) and theirs will be good. All other problems you describe are solved through an intermediary like Google through which your queries go …

And the same was said for the internet too. The “S” curve has proven a good model even for humans being bad and acting bad.

Nooooo because that is the very problem we are trying to get away from. So you described the demise of the networks in your solution


You miss that Safe is a virtual network. It may not be cost-effective to have 100 cables to and from each home, but there is no reason why this home should not be connected to 100 virtual networks on 1 cable…

I hope you are right, in the same way that I hoped everyone would wear a mask during a pandemic … I am afraid that there are no easy solutions and that we will have a slightly better world, ie. people will be able to own part of a virtual network

I am talking of the Internet, not internet.

It too is software systems and servers running over tcp/ip


The difference is that at the first virtual level, only ISPs can participate in exchange for large investments in equipment, staff and licenses. At the second virtual level (SAFE) anyone can participate for free.

I hope you understand me, Rob. I’m not saying we should help create new Safe networks. But I think it’s inevitable, so I ask the question publicly so that people smarter than me can say if that’s likely and if we can somehow direct these networks to the ultimate goal: freedom, privacy, security.

:freedom: :security: :privacy:

Just a note. ISPs are not supplying the WWW Internet, they are routing the tcp/ip. Same for the SAFE network

They do run their own servers participating in the WWW Internet just like other companies do too. But as an ISP they route packets. Not supply the WWW Internet. Its the various servers out there that are supplying the WWW Internet and all choose that


Yes, I know. I used it as an abbreviated image of the Internet, because for the most people the Internet comes from them… Thanks for the clarification!


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