About safecoin payments

Hi, I’m thinking of building paid app for safe network. I’m thinking of how the license system should work.

Basically, I’m thinking of generating unique id for each computer, like public rsa key for each machine that would be unique to it. I don’t want to store anyone’s email, name, country or whatever, just a single set of bits for one guy, that’s it.

Now I’m thinking, how payments should be best verified? I don’t understand safecoin well at this point so I have following questions:

  1. Is safecoin concept 100% finished or there will still be some changes? Where can I get more technical insight on how safecoin works?
  2. Can I attach a string to a safecoin transaction to verify that transaction was made for x and y?
  3. Or, should the transactions associated with x sent to address a and y to address b (like bitcoin, separate address to identify who sent)?
  4. Is it hard to have multiple safecoin payment addresses?
  5. If you can’t attach a string to a safecoin transaction, how would you recommend of differentiating between users of the service?
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So you are saying you want to ID each machine, so you can recognise that machine has been given a license. Is that a fair assessment.

SAFE network, for the client, tries its best to make the machine irrelevant. Would this idea not go against that.

When some one uses the network they can present you with a unique ID supplied by SAFE. Would this not be sufficient. The user can have a different ID for each application if they wish, but no two different logins/clients can have the same ID.

One of the main objections on the current web over security is the idea that web sites can uniquely ID a browser and thus track the browser’s web activities by sites sharing the ID. In SAFE the user can give out a different ID (or not) to every APP, etc and thus negate this tracking.

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I think you could send a SAFE message separately from payment. I don’t know if it is possible to attach custom metadata / “OP_RETURN” to a transaction.
You can have multiple addresses within a single user’s wallet, but I don’t know if that’s what will be implemented right from the beginning.

Yeah, I thought it out little bit, I do think it’s stupid. I’ll probably make it like bitcoin, ensure that key generated is unique and tell user should keep it.

Yeah, I’d actually love not to reinvent the wheel, if it’s possible I’ll want to go for the safe network ID.

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Well, I thought about this little bit… But I think the safest way would be to attach string to transaction itself.

Let’s imagine the following scenario:
If license generation happens before the transaction, and computer shuts down in middle of these actions, then user might have license generated but didn’t make the payment (not too good)
If transaction happens first and then the license generation and computer shuts down in the middle, then user have made the transaction but didn’t receive license, even worse for the user.

If I could attach single encrypted string to transaction and look it up somewhere then I wouldn’t need to worry about that.