A couple of things re the Dev forum

A couple of things re the Dev forum:

These are well out of date so better to delete than mislead: Download SAFE's latest versions - Releases - Safe Dev Forum

Also, the banner “Dev Forum” is leading people to think this is a forum for general questions so maybe change it to “Safe Dev Forum”


Agreed, I just made it unlisted for now, I’ll make it public again once it gets updated :slight_smile:

I think you are referring to the logo of the forum shown on mobile devices. On desktop it shows “Safe Dev Forum”, it’s just for mobile that I made it shorter. We could make it the same as on the desktop but we would probably have to remove the “DevHub” link (on mobile) otherwise I’m not sure it would fit on mobile.

Thanks for your feedback!


Thanks. Yes, I was using my tablet. Mobile makes up a lot of traffic these days. It could be shortened to “Safe Dev” as “Forum” is redundant.