A call to build SAFENetwork from the founder of the Internet Archive

This article is a call from the guy who founded The Internet Archive for people to come together and build, well SAFENetwork.

Locking the Web open: Why we need to rethink the World Wide Web

He describes the core to a tee. You’d think he read it all on MaidSafe.net but he’s obviously never heard of SAFENetwork!

I just posted the following comment, feel free to pop over and like, add your own etc

This is nearly built. And then some.

Http://MaidSafe.net have been working on this for nine years and it will reach beta release in the next two or so months.

Known as SAFENetwork, it is a secure, anonymous distributed internet (no servers), that aims to be surveillance and censorship free, and totally anonymous.

It belongs to everyone, and no one will control it. SAFE stands for Secure access For Everyone, and once launched the network will protect itself from malicious code like a natural organism. Ensuring the simple mathematical rules that ensure it’s correct operation remain effective as the code is updated from any would be maintainers. Code updates that diverge from these rules, or is simply less efficient than what is already running will be sidelined and no longer play a part in the network.

SAFENetwork is also an App platform for distributed apps (so expect privacy respecting equivalents to Dropbox, spam proof email, Skype, websites, YouTube etc at launch) and a built in crypto currency that is as secure as bitcoin, but massively scalable (massive transaction rates with instant confirmation). Sport for smart contracts is standard, and distributed computation will follow.

Users create the network by providing unused disk space in exchange for earning the Safecoin crypto currency (called farming) which they can spend too store data on the network and purchase other services - effectively making it free for anyone who contributed about an average amount of resources.

This is just a short summary of features, which obviously raise questions: how does it work? How can it be so anonymous… impervious to censorship, DDoS attacks, hacking etc?

Part of the answer is that it borrows innovations from nature, specifically from ants. Read more at http://MaidSafe.net and join the community discussion at https://forum.autonomi.community


nice find. and great way to spread the word! :smiley:


Didn’t Google buy him (internetarchive) out?

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@ioptio would know this. She has volunteered over there. A few people at LibrePlanet were jealous of her swag from the organization.


Brewster does know about MaidSafe - in fact, @nicklambert and I had a call with him a little while ago to give him an overview of the tech.
I’ve personally been frequenting the Internet Archive over the last few months and have volunteered a couple times for events. They also let me host a bitcoin meetup there.

Brewster is simply supportive of all efforts to decentralise the web and bitcoin/blockchain is the easiest way to express that general passion. He actually did mention to me that he was talking up MaidSafe at an event he attended last week - so he’s doing his part. Once SAFE is actually functional, you can bet he’ll be talking about it more publicly and putting it to use.

I would love to eventually host a safecoin fundraiser for IA so they can store their 20 petabytes of unique data SAFEly. And of course help to set them up with nodes of their own. :slight_smile:


And hell no Google did not buy the Archive. lol


Maybe they want to build a competitor to SAFE Network?

who? Internet Archive?

During our call Brewster told us he was one of the keynote speakers at the Next Web conference in Amsterdam in May and will be bringing up the SAFE Network during his talk. @ioptio and I will tie back in with him shortly and let him know how we have progressed. A very worthwhile and likeminded contact that we need to nurture.


Brilliant news @ioptio & @nicklambert. So he did crib it from http://MaidSafe.net after all :wink:


I shouldn’t be so cynical. Maybe he was just unaware of SAFE Network and the other projects like Storj or IPFS.

In this case maybe it’s an opportunity to form a strategic alliance.

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Trust me, Brewster is on our side. Reminds me, I need to bring them t-shirts next time I visit.

If anyone is ever visiting SF, I highly recommend attending an Internet Archive open lunch on any Friday - you get to hear what they’ve all been working on (sort of like the MaidSafe mumble calls but in person) and get to introduce yourself and get a tour of the building by Brewster himself and hear some of his epic stories and see their honor system-based bitcoin ATM. :slight_smile:

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“locked open” its like the antidote to the artificial scarcity ratchet down system we’ve had in place since it was realized by policy makers in the early 70s that we had the tech to do abundance.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t they save lots of money by just putting all their data in the SAFE net and start farming on their own with their servers? Noob question, I know. :wink:

It costs to PUT new data to the network so there’d be a one-time cost to upload all of that.


But does it cost more than the amount of storage they contribute? It seems the answer has to be yes but not much more. And in some cases maybe the answer should be no? If they give 20 pbytes of static ram…