1 Domain for 1 SAFEcoin

Godaddy and others are basically wallets in which you keep domain names. As we all know you don’t own your domain name, your only renting it and pay an annual fee to keep it.

What if we create a killer app/wallet that allows you to store your “old internet” domain name, forever with no more annual fee? You just pay 1 SAFEcoin and you can transfer your domain name through your authorization code from Godaddy to GoSAFE&sound.

LOL I can already see what this would do to the SAFEcoin price


This is not technically feasible, sorry.

The domain name remains your because you pay the fee, if you stop doing that, you will lose it. It’s like saying, if I put my flat in a SAFE wallet, then I could never be evicted.

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Yes, You must pay the ICANN rake-off.

But, maybe, is possible to create a system, in the SAFE network, to compete with standard DNS. A browser plugin, attached to the SAFE network, catch names and translate those names to IPs. So, bye-bye ICANN… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm why is it not feasible?

If you can transfer your domain from Godaddy to Google domain and all you need is your authorization code. Surely it would be possible to transfer your “old internet domain” to a domain host on the SAFE Network.

I’m talking about a domain host on the SAFE Network, that only charge 1 SAFEcoin to transfer your “old internet domain” to it. And you never have to pay an annual fee anymore and your “old internet domain” becomes your possession. Beside that your domain never expires.

People on the old internet just laugh at you when your like namecoin and say “use our fancy .bit address!”. They don’t even take you serious.

But if you say: Transfer your existing domain to goSAFE&sound and never pay again for a renewal or get emails that your domain will expire and you can now own your domain. I think they might take you serious. If your domain name is nothing but an ip address, surely you can transfer it from one place to a SAFEr place.

If we can get “old internet domains” on the SAFE Network for just 1 SAFEcoin, it woulden’t be scary. It’s like transfering your domain from Godaddy to Google domain, but you never have to pay for your domain again. Not to get super passionate again as I always do. But if I could transfer my “old internet domains” to a Godaddy equivalent I would do it in a heart beat. Especially if it saves me money. This would also be like getting the current internet companies their feet wet, before they dive into the SAFE Network.


What you say is you want them to register i.e. “facebook.com” on the safe network, so it fakes the “old” DNS, or do I get you wrong?

From what I get that should be possible, but I think we need to consider economics: Currently scarcity is regulated. I, as an individual, could not register facebook.com - the corporation has more rights to claim the domain. The same goes for public institutions such es universities, cities etc.

On a decentralised network these restriction won´t apply and I believe this will lead us to something that is very different from current domain names. Just imagine I´d take a list of the 10,000 most popular Domain names and all variation for handful of Safecoin and then delete the keys - just to have fun. Institutions will then think about alternatives and since it is decentralized they will likely find some, e.g. using an entirely different DNS. I´d expect the development of different and competing DNS nodal systems - kind of different “planets”. Anyway, I wouldn´t expect the “old” system to work on SAFE, but it´s true, for starters it may be a good metaphor to engage with SAFE.

Looks like what you’re talking about here is a sort of alternated to namecoin dns, except that “safe://facebook.com” would do a dns look-up on the SAFE Network, then serve the files on the existing internet?

The issue though is reserving the name, and I don’t see how you can expect to keep your domain reserved without paying the fees demanded by the current system. Its fine if users point to a separate SAFE DNS, but this is not the same thing. To find your domain requires users to switch to the new system. That is feasible, but its not clear that this is what you mean. What I read is that you expect your domain to remain on the existing DNS even though you’ve stopped paying for it to be renewed on it.

It doesn’t fake the “old” DNS,
What I’m saying is: let’s create something like Godaddy, but then on the SAFE Network. Then let companies transfer their existing “old internet domains” to it for only 1SAFEcoin. A DNS on the current internet is just an authorization code.

  • So facebook.com would go to their current registar markmonitor.com.
  • They would enter their authorization code and transfer their existing domain to the Godaddy version of SAFE.
  • Because this would just be an app, you don’t need to pay annual fees and your domain becomes yours forever. The usage of the app pays for it self. In the meantime Icann retires, this app takes over Icann’s task and everybody lives happily after.

This Google page gives an overview of which steps to take.

This is not like Namecoin. It’s more like how domain names can be transferred right now from one host to another host. The only difference is the host is on the SAFE Network, it’s an app. That takes domain names from the “old internet” and let you manage them on the SAFE Network in the same way it is done right now by Godaddy and others.

Right now I got a few domains and I’m only paying my domain registrar annually. We should get out the mindset of paying for domain names. If we have a SAFE app that can do exactly the same as a Godaddy can does right now, their is no need why this app shouldn’t just ask 1SAFEcoin and enable you to transfer your domain from the current system to the app. The current system would still be working, only difference is that your domain is transferred on the SAFE Network app.

If we can pull this off, it’s like taking the “old internet” domain names one at the time. People hate changes, but some are intelligent enough to know the difference between paying 1SAFEcoin once or paying an annual registration fee. The app can just destroy the 1SAFEcoin that it’s fed to accept the transfer of the domain. Who know this app will completely replace Icann once people figure out that they can save money.

GitHub - maidsafe-archive/safe_dns @Krishna_Kumar

I think you have misconceptions about how the internet’s DNS works. If you try to make a Godaddy that doesn’t stick to the rules of the internet’s DNS, no DNS server is going to accept your registries.

Here’s the problem “I’m only paying my domain registrar annually”.

Yes, and when you transfer to your SAFE based alternative and stop paying annually, your domain will disappear from the ICANN registry once you fail to renew. I don’t think I can explain this any more clearly.

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You lose the normal web rights but you keep the SAFE dns rights, that’s what he is talking about here I believe. If someone else gets the normal web domain rights he can’t do the same trick anymore because you already have the SAFE domain. It is a way to transfer the current borrowing rights on the old web to owning rights on the SAFE network. It is a good way to protect the network from people registering millions of valuable domain names for basically nothing or very little in the beginning. Also you can rest assure that if you registered a domain on the old web it is waiting for you on the SAFE network for as little as one safecoin (if not already owned by someone who had the domain before you on the old web). Great idea if feasible.

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I don’t think that’s what he’s saying here. I’m reading it as “by transferring my domain to SAFE I can keep it alive on the old web but not have to pay for it”. He’s not mentioned anything about this being a mechanism to limit domain squating on SAFE. That’s an interesting idea, but yours I think. :smile:


Ofcourse we’ll stick to the rules. I’ve always wonder about the science, behind the price of domain names? If we can have an app that can cut the costs and give a small introduction to the SAFE Network, it would help.

[quote=“happybeing, post:11, topic:4828”]
stop paying annually, your domain will disappear from the ICANN registry once you fail to renew.
[/quote]But I think in this scenario you would only pay the Icann and the app could auto renewal your domain.

[quote=“happybeing, post:13, topic:4828”]
limit domain squating on SAFE
[/quote]Limiting domain squating on SAFE, could be done just like creating an Zoho Mail account for your domain. I thought we all agreed that there would be no reserved names.

@Dirk83 happybeing is right. I’m talking about transferring domain names from the current internet to an app that would run on the SAFE Network. The app would just be like a wallet in which you keep your domain names. You would be able to just do the same thing as with your domain on Godaddy. Maybe that’s the science behind the price of domains, Godaddy got a office/employees and bills to pay. An app doing exactly the same it does would only need to pay Icann their ransom fee, so the costs could be significantly lower.

@BenMS don’t get me wrong I love safe_dns, but the people on the current won’t really pay it much attention, because they are use to their current dns system. If we can somehow have an app on the SAFE Network that can cut the costs of having a domain name on the “old internet”, it might be the first step we take to introduce the current internet to the SAFE Network. Who knows after a domain name transfer, they might start using the SAFE Network to store data.

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as the other participants of this discussion lined out that won’t be possible.

the registries (NICs) controlling and marketing the current toplevel-domains like .com, .uk, .us, .fr, .de, .xyz etcetera won’t allow you to register domains under their topleveldomains for free.

Key word here is “lower”. Not free. You still have to pay the renewal fee to a registrar and this remains significant. The app owner could attempt to negotiate bulk rates, but it still ends up being at least a few $ per year for the cheapest domains.


I’m not talking about registering domains. It’s about transferring existing domains to the app.

[quote=“happybeing, post:16, topic:4828”]
a few per year [/quote]A few per year, still sounds cheaper than $10 per year, :smile: The app owner could make the transfer for free. There also seems to be a 10-year maximum registration period and a few other things.

the NICs charge annual fees, which you (normally) pay through companies like godaddy.

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