WTx, LBRY? Alpha version available now

This piece of news kind of explains how this came into being:

But. the important stuff (verbatim copy of the page):

LBRY allows anyone to publish content to a location like this:


Others can access this resource, either for free or for credits. Let’s look at an example:

Ernest wants to release his comedy-horror film, “Ernie Goes To Guantanamo Bay”.
The content is encrypted and sliced into many pieces. These pieces are stored by hosts.
Ernest reserves lbry://erniebythebay, a shortname pointing to his content.
When Ernest reserves the location, he also submits metadata, such as a description and thumbnail. This information is stored by miners in the LBRY blockchain.
Hilary, a patron, browses the LBRY network and wants to watch the movie. Her LBRY client collects the pieces from the hosts and reassembles them.
Hilary pays Ernest for the decryption key, allowing her to watch the film.

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I suspect the same scheme would work on SAFE – one could encrypt a movie or the like then charge coin for decryption keys.

For most content I suspect the “pay to browse” model will have a very uphill battle…

I don’t see who Ernest pays, but we’ll find out… It’d better not be some torrent Ponzi BS.

I think it would. This is similar to Alexandria, but maybe with bitcoin (I hope it’s not another freaking altcoin!).

But I love their honesty, at least authors know what they’re up to:

If you made the *****’ music, and you made the art, and you put it into the world, I should be able to use it however the **** I want. I’ma pay you, I’ma give you a percentage, but you shouldn’t be able to tell me I can’t use it. You was inspired by the world; allow the world to be inspired by your shit and to use your shit.

That’s it! See http://lbry.io/why

Exactly. Information. Needs freedom.

Great to see more projects going for the same goal. P2P-internet might be very huge some day.

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It is another fxxxing altcoin, after all.

The company issues coins, people buy them, the network rewards miners.
But instead of doing that with Bitcoin, they had to come up with a new coin.

More on it here:


I’m running this thing at home now.

There’s a Bitcoin-Core-based daemon with its own coin, that thing just runs, and a CLI client that is very easy to understand: get, publish and then DHT to move stuff back and forth between the networked nodes. There’s also a simple CLI client for get-ing. There are couple of options related to seeding, including the default number of coins sent to uploaders per MB of data (and I wonder how is that supposed to be useful if you don’t know what you’re paying for).

Their console is currently simple, downloads-focused.

It should be able to work over Tor (it probably will be able to once the project is more mature).
I strongly dislike that there’s yet another blockchain (and coin), and I know that’s subjective.

Personally I’m not yet persuaded that is the case, but each to his own.
As I always say, post your medical history here to prove it.

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Let me fix that for you

Let´s all get transparent, yo!

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You’re right (and see my comment to abittner above).

I was pointing at the difference between LBRY’s clear message about what the product is for.
So instead of having to read a white paper about how “bloated” the music industry is, how YouTube takes all the money and how the new “sharing economy” will create abundance out of nothing, you read one sentence and it’s all clear.
That’s refreshing and projects that spent thousands of dollars of investors money creating fancy marketing material could learn something from that.

Most people on the Web don’t create shit (or at least, nothing of value for which others pay want to pay) so they’re all for free sharing.
Not unlike the real life :smile: