Why will MAIDSAFE succeed?

From what I’ve witnessed so far MAID has what it takes to succeed. The following four points is the formula that people like Elon Musk use, and MAID uses:

To succeed:

  1. Do what you are passionate about. Without passion, your work is not your love and you can never be your best or be better than others who are running with their passion.

  2. Do something that you are inherently good or talented at. We all have our relative talents but spending your life doing something that is inherently more difficult puts you at a disadvantage to other more talented people.

  3. Do something that creates value and can be sold into a market present or future.

  4. Never give up.

If you combine these three elements into your pursuits in life, you will be very successful and the money will come on its own. Money is a reflection of the true value that you are creating. If there was ever a project creating true value it’s MAIDSAFE.

What do you think? Why will The Safe Network succeed? Cheers!