Which CPU hardware is best for a farming rig?


I run the box I’ll be dedicating to MaidSafe in a VM on the ProxMoxVE virtualization platform. I have many vCPU’s I can choose to outfit the VM with, & I was wondering which one provides the best instruction set for use on the MS network?

I’d like to optimize my VM for the best payout in Safecoin, & I’m imagining the CPU with the most in-demand instruction set will pay the most, so I need to know which one to use.

Here are my choices:
(486 | Conroe | Haswell | Nehalem | Opteron_G1 | Opteron_G2 |
Opteron_G3 | Opteron_G4 | Opteron_G5 | Penryn | SandyBridge |
Westmere | athlon | core2duo | coreduo | host | kvm32 | kvm64
| pentium | pentium2 | pentium3 | phenom | qemu32 | qemu64)

Does the provided instruction set even matter much? Or will plain old clock speed trump the provided instruction set?

Of these, the ‘kvm64’ runs the fastest, but I’m not sure if another emulation type would provide better for those using the vCPU over the network.

Please advise.

Certainly initially I should assume he with the most storage most reliably and most quickly delivered relative to the global pool will earn the most. An Atom CPU is probably plenty for a 100Mbit ethernet port. A low end Core 2 CPU is probably plenty for a Gigabit ethernet port.

That will change later, but is probably a good rule of thumb to begin with.