What is the advantage compare to Maidsafe and Siacoin?

Siacoin was released, it has the same concept like Maidsafe. Anyone tried before? :smile:


There’s a link for everyone. In just the first few sentences I see maidsafe has the advantage to storage being that it does not use a blockchain. There are many uses of a blockchain and many different ways of making them so I’m not sure how they are using there’s yet till I dive in more but blockchains can easily be put on maidsafe but I don’t think that would be so true the other way around. I’ll read more though. I think the more tech like this the better but I know which network I’ll be using because the folks here at maidsafe have thought of literally everything.


I’d not seen it before. It’s not quite the same…

We are a storage only system however (though we offer turing complete
scripting, we don’t expect it to compete with a real computing platform
like EC2) where Maidsafe is bandwidth and compute as well.

GutHub looks like it’s just two devs doing most commits.

BitcoinTalk thread at [ANN] Sia - Decentralized Storage

It’ll be interesting to see how they do… there’s a costing on http://www.siacoin.com/about.html showing their back of envelope expectations.

I agree with @nigel plus, from my scan, sia is just about storing data. Fair enough, but the SAFE Network is a much, much bigger picture, reworking the way commodity computers can link and work together to provide the whole range of internet services (plus many not envisioned yet, I think), and let’s not forget Secure Access For Everyone.

Like most of the new coins, this is a function seeking a currency. Which is fine, but the SAFE Network just happens to have a coin because it makes sense in accomplishing a much bigger purpose. There is nothing else out there with the scope of purpose of the SAFE Network, coin or no.


I actually think it’s pretty neat but yes it really seems limited to storage or torrenting/streaming. It’s not a full suite or internet replacement like the Safe network.

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It looks like something much more similar to Storj.


I tried it but can not get it to host files, came up with port 9982 error