What are good memes for the SAFE marketing?

Appealing to which base?..

While sex sells etc … you need to do better that appealing to those who already know what SAFE is.

If you’re going to go down that route of selling simple ideas to normal, you need to reason it with a clear statement of what problem SAFE solves.

Still, I would hope we can be a bit deeper even in meme space than [pretty girl : brand name]!


coupled with perhaps a hat tip to more than one mode of thought, is to be encouraged.

You can’t keep a good meme down…
nothing wrong with suggesting we can do better… softporn overstamped with brand name is lazy and we need to be not pulling punches with such strong option on utility.

Very good explained, thank you for the suggestions, friend!


Also, the difficulty with memes is they arise to acknowledge the reality of currently crowd.

I wondered last week about “influencers” - those who drive the crowd to a new product. I don’t know there’s a shortcut to getting the attention of some influencer but if we encourage an environment in which memes can be thrown around, I think that’s very useful.

Marketing seems to be a lot of pot shots and some hit the target and some do not.

My critiquing btw is not to kill the enthusiasm but to note that what becomes the classic requires a certain call on what is true and appeal to certain modes of thought that attract the audience that is sympathetic. The best classics appeal to many modes of thought and work because they are not fake sentiment but resist simple first glance critique and show depth of appeal.

Honestly, the whole cancel culture, censorship, de-centralise, voting in-accountability, Big Tech happenings and mindset (at least half the US) is hot and big right now. Making the point that SAFE NETWORK is a foundation to build private decentralized apps and data storage and protection of the individual might be ripe.