Vote for MaidSafeCoin to be added at

Vote for MaidSafeCoin to be added at offers bank transfers, withdrawals to Visa/Master card, and custom debit card for all the cryptocurrencies on its platform.
On top of that instant exchanges to all supported cryptocurrencies and e-currencies are available. pioneered instant crypto to crypto exchange in 2013 and now offers also varios fiat directions to provide additional liquidity for supported cryptocurrencies.

Exchange directions provided for supported coins:

  • Instant exchanges to all other cryptos on our platform.

Coinomat was the first project to offer this and it will always remain our top priority.

Various fiat exchange directions:

  • Withdrawal to any Visa or Master card issued by any bank in the world.

This is a great way to provide your coin with liquidity, especially for users which live in the countries with not developed crypto arena. To withdraw to a bank account you need someone to send you the funds from the local bank, so it can be a problem if there are not many local exchangers. But you can easily send the funds to any Visa/Master card which are used basically in every country of the world. Transfer costs around 3% of the amount and takes 2-3 business days.

  • Crypto purchasing and selling with bank transfer.

If you need to buy some altcoins with bank transfer it could be a real problem, not so many providers out there who offer this. We enable our users to load their Coinomat account with bank transfer and buy any coin we support. To mitigate volatility effects first the account is credited and only after that a user can purchase the crypto of his choice.
Transfer from most countries are accepted (except for US)

  • Withdrawal to custom bank card.

We offer custom debit card which can be loaded with cryptocurrency and works in all ATM’s all over the world. Card costs $40, is delivered within a week after successful order (users need to provide Personal ID and Proof of residence). The card is not tied to a personal bank account and works more like stored value card. After the card is delivered a user is able to load it from her Coinomat account.

Offering these services we cover basically all major ways to buy and sell your crypto. Liquidity is what cryptocurrency scene is lacking at the moment, and providing more fiat liquidity can be a great popularity booster for MaidSafeCoin.


As long as they aren’t KYC…

Are they?

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Let me get this right; you are the exchange; you like Maidsafe, yet you want us to tell you to add it?

Just add it and then let us know.


We have integrated the following coins as the winner of our voting procedure: Bitshares, Dogecoin, Darkcoin.
Your coin can be next! All possible crypto to fiat an crypto to crypto transactions for your cryptocurrency which means instant liquidity and acceptance boost. Just show us that your community is active.

hey cool that you didn’t loose interest in our project =)

And I have to admit your service sounds awesome :slight_smile: when the safe network is online i’ll seriously think about getting such a debit-card of yours :open_mouth:

…but for now i don’t see why i should pay even the smallest amount for this vote …sorry … things will happen when the time is right =)
and the safe network has so much more to offer than just coins … as you can see in this forum our community is very active :wink: … but we are focussing not on trading safecoins right now … this will be a more important aspect as soon as the network is online and you really can make use of your coins :slight_smile: (though i’m hoping for not having to exchanging my coins to fiat currency for buying a beer 2 years from now :smiley: … we’ll see how fast world changes …)


So you have to sign up to vote?

Sorry to say this but situations like this make me think they are only phishing for email accounts.

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“If you want to support your favorite coin all you need to do is vote for it, using your free vote (each Coinomat user has three ones) or by making a paid vote. Proceeds from the paid votes are used to cover the integration costs. Each paid vote costs 0.0005 BTC. You make a paid vote by simply sending BTC to the coin voting address.”

…hmmm they do need some way to prevent massive manipulation on the voting system … at least you have the option to register or pay … uhm … 10 cents or so …

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@Coinomat Unlike most coins Safecoin is not in need of promotion. I think you will need Safecoin far more than Safecoin needs you. If all you want to know is we’re active, you can establish that by looking at the front page of the forum or the gihub repos or many other ways, but I don’t think you’ll get much interest from us in voting on your website, because this is not an altcoin. All the best.


@happybeing Well you’re right about that! Safecoin isn’t an altcoin, but as an asset it has more than 3x the market cap of the one after it, yet it only has 8 votes on coinomat lol. I like the convenience of coinomat though so I’m gonna use my vote to bring it up to 9. :stuck_out_tongue:


Although the services will come in handy in the future, I think it’s not worth it to integrate MaidSafeCoin as it is only a proxy coin until a stable release of the SafeNetwork. Therefore, I think we should wait to have a stable release and then begin to focus on marketing and promotion, coinomat included.