Viv labs - potentially amazing, but can it be secured?

Viv labs, from the people who brought us SIRI, wants to make a “global, learning brain.”

Something like this sounds incredible. I want this. I’ve been waiting for something like this since I saw my first sci-fi movie, and even more after I watched Iron Man. To think that Jarvis is a possibility in my lifetime is awesome. However, is it possible to do something like this securely with SAFE?

Using SAFE, can I give a black box app (I highly doubt they’ll release the source, but that would be sweet) access my information (calendar, read my email to me while I’m driving, tell me that my harddrive has a SMART error, or my security alarm at home just went off) in such a way that it could only be used for me? Or would I still be at the mercy of the developer to not suck down my information use that to further their own means?

Obviously it could still learn from all the public information on the SAFE network, but could it do that, and know my personal data, and still keep them separate? Or are those things still mutually exclusive on SAFE?

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I’ve mentioned several times before that the reason I joined MaidSafe is exactly to first have a secure platform upon which even more transformative technology than can be built. So, nice project, but it doesn’t even go far enough.


I think you are so right on that because the norm is actually supressing tech that can be liberating. Our society is such an extractive lie.