Vdash - Node dashboard for Safe Network

vdash v0.17.1 adds…

Live token price using Coingecko.com and/or Coinmarketcap.com

You can now have vdash display token values in either nanos or a currency (e.g. US dollar, British pound, Bitcoin etc) using a live conversion rate obtained via either of the above named web APIs.

Note: to display earnings in currency press ‘$’ and press again to revert to nanos

When this is enabled you will see a box added to the top right of the Summary containing the latest price of SNT (actually eMAID) in the currency of your choice as below. (Note that using Coinmarketcap will only show currency and not BTC values, so I recommend using Coingecko, but you can also enable Coinmarketcap as a backup.)

To enable this you first need to obtain an API key by opening and account with Coingecko and/or Coinmarketcap. Both have free options available, which will allow one update per 30 minutes. If you choose only one, I recommend Coingecko because this gets conversion to Bitcoin as well as the specified currency, whereas Coinmarketcap can only deliver one rate per call.

Once you have a key pass it, and the API name corresponding to the currency using the following options, examples given for Coingecko:

To show British pounds (and Bitcoin) rate per SNT:

--currency-apiname "GBP" --currency-symbol "£" --coingecko-key "YOUR-CG-API-KEY"

To show US dollar (and Bitcoin) rate per SNT:

--currency-apiname "USD" --currency-symbol "$" --coingecko-key "YOUR-CG-API-KEY"

Similarly for Coinmarket cap (but using --coinmarketcap-key instead of --coingecko-key), but you will only see the rate in the specified currency, not BTC as well.

If you specify keys for both APIs vdash will display prices from Coingecko, and if these become unavailable use Coinmarketcap as a backup.

Note: to display earnings in currency press ‘$’ and press again to revert to nanos