Use Gigster to turn your idea into an app

Do you want your own app for the SAFE Network. but have no codingskills? Try out Gigster. This is a service that makes it possible, starting at $1K possible to have your app made. So don’t give up on that idea that you have to get your own app running the SAFE Network. It’s a shame that this forum doesn’t have a busy marketplace where normal people meet developers to talk about apps/costs yet. But that will eventually come, I just hope that multisig wallets and crowdfunding platforms will soon be availabe.


Btw they now also got a referral program that can get you $1000, when you get them a $20K customer.

Look here

Building something on SAFE is a bit different than building a regular App for Android or iOS. Yes, there are API’s for the upload of some pictures and stuff. but the whole idea with a Launcher that needs to authenticate and doesn’t give away your log in details makes things quite different IMO. For SAFE you need devs that understand the concept behind SAFE. We will have lots of them in the coming years, but we are just a bit different than the average “connect to a server and fetch some data”.

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True enough, but my take on it is that the beginner dev is best served by learning to build a regular Internet app, and then SAFEify it as the final step. That’s the path I’m following, having now absorbed the basics of C++, now learning to use libcurl for the Internet functions, and Qt for the UI. Goal: to build a chat/messaging app. Nothing new there, of course, but hopefully I’ll be ready for the SAFE messaging API.

I hate languages that have umpteen layers of abstractions that ones computer visibly crawls through like a snail.