Unknown domain: www.maidsafe.net

website is not working for maidsafe.net (chrome in Mac autonatically seems to want to go to https and i get some warning about it going to github.com)

if i manually type in http (replacing https) it works

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Works fine for Chrome on Windows.
You have a malfunctioning browser or extension, it seems.

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Works fine with Linux and firefox, as well.

No, that is not how Internet technology works, it would have been a DNS issue.

Anyway seems to have cleared up. Or it was the NSA rerouting my traffic.

I just tried viewing maidsafe.net on chrome, and https isn’t working. only http

"Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from maidsafe.net (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards)."

I’m not really a security expert, but you don’t have to enter your username “passwords, messages, or credit cards” on Maidsafe.net

So you don’t really need an https, true people can check out who is checking Maidsafe.net, but…

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that is just what his browser says, anyway it means that some % of users are hitting the site and getting that which is not good for PR (or it is in an ironic sort of way)

DNS does not differentiate https or http but redirects an ANAME or CNAME record to an IP address the protocol request http https ftp etc will come from the app you are using. i.e. dns maps names to ip addresses, and for ports and protocols your app has responsibility what is l used.

[edit clarity]

Yes we purposefully do not have https there and collect no info, although there is google analytics which I distrust anyway. To get a cert you ask permission from centralised authorities and I don’t even like that. Self signed is as bad as if gives huge red warnings now. The answer is replace all this stuff with a decent system and get off the old monitored controlled Internet services :slight_smile: In this forum I do not even need to mention it :wink:


chrome automagically tries to use https so that may cause problems for users

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