Two-tier system for adding new nodes

I want to suggest two-tier system for adding new nodes.

The first one of course is the current idea new nodes to be added only if resources are needed.

The second one is generating invitations from the Elders nodes which can be used to add a new nodes without waiting.

What are your thoughts on Advantages / Disadvantages of this system?

Waiting and rejection, then try again has the benefits of trying up an attackers resources making it more costly for them. Whereas for the home user its just waiting.

I liked the idea of sections having a queue for new nodes waiting to join. At least they get a ticket and wait to be accepted into the section to store and earn. Its a bit like what you suggest but saves all the overhead of invites and acceptance etc. Again this ties up an attacker’s resources and costs them


I do not know whether it is clear that I propose you can be on a waiting list or get an elder’s invitation (skiping over the waiting list) at the same time.

So there are two ways to get into the net - or wait, or someone invite you.


I feel that you only need one. The invite from elders is yet another thing to incorporate into the core. Whereas the queue is just another level in the aging where the node waiting cannot farm or participate. And they simply age into a child. and achieves the required waiting and not making nodes retry and retry and the node they are in line to farm.

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But if there are invitations, it means that more people can be added even when there is no need for resources.

The advantage of this is that the farming rate will be very low (and before anyone says that people will not farm then let’s look at the torrents where people farm for free)

That defeats the purpose of not accepting all if there is no need for resources, so why not accept all and not need invites?

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the only reason we do not accept everyone is that this is a potential form of attack on the network…

But if I have an Elder node and can generate, for example, 1 invitation to a friend of mine what disadvantage would this be for the network?

it circles right back to the original problem anyway…
bad guys are determined, they will spin up 1000 nodes and wait for elder status…
your normal user might have his 1 or 2 nodes and be a good citizen and reach elder status…
Where did this restriction really get us?

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Yes they will. The question is if an elder can only generate 1 invitation how much less protection against this type of attack we get.

For the attacker it will be 2 times cheaper.

But is this enough to make such an attack possible?

It’s just… by restricting people, you essentially gaurantee that at some point in the future bad guys continually get a better chance of outpacing good nodes


Not only wait but work and spend resources for the benefit of the network. And compete with thousands of other users who also want to be Elders.

About the original idea I don’t think elders should have invitations. In fact we must be suspicious of elders as well as of any other node and they already have enough power.


The wait is the key and this is what simulations shows. That wait == money for these guys. Plus as the network expands then that 1000 are less meaningful than in a smaller network etc. Security of these networks works in this way. Think like this,

  • nothing you can do makes an attack impossible in a permissionless network.
  • What you can do is make the attack cost (like get >50% hash power for blockchians)
  • Ensure the cost of the attack is greater than the reward (i.e. the 51% attacker basically devalues the currency, so loses)

This is the way to think, some folk will then say oh a super rich … blah blah and yes that kind of attack cannot be prevented by decentralised or certralised networks, permissioned or permissionless.