Transparency has the greatest promise of all

If we look at the response of power to revelations that yield even tiny windows of temporary transparency and how berserk so called leaders became regarding such recent revelations we get a hint of the payoff of a more global transparency. It has the power not only to the wrest the narrative from dirty hand power players but to expose and de-legitimize them. It can completely reverse the bully power of surveillance and change it from the prime implement of terror to a means of accountability. There is a natural and understandable concern on the part of state actors with regard to actions being taken out of context but transparency going forward only brings caution and checks recklessness and the unnecessary inflation of powers.

The elements of ProjectSAFE that involve improving apps and trade seem like a means to give the network the scale it needs to roll out true transparency globally. The basic tech that is scalable across various technologies but is still robust and open serves the ultimate aim of transparency. The ‘open’ part of the philosophy and approach to licensing is about transparency. “Openness” itself is about transparency and good faith dealings. Of all the tools to build trust and predictability openness has to be at the top. Contract is an earlier tool to build trust and predictability, but there is contracting toward enclosure- the natural tendency of contract, and contracting toward openness.

We’ve never seen a technology that if properly implemented and spread could bring transparency to all organizations globally. Nor a technology with a greater potential to limit crime. Transparency will mean the prosecution of dirty hand actors for their villainous actions even if initially that prosecution takes place OJ style in the court of public opinion.

My hope is that all those good souls in all those nasty organizations that would leak for the greater good and undermine so often culpable management and their predictable efforts to oppose ProjectSAFE- that they will use what leverage they have to help ProjectSAFE get off the ground and set an example for similar efforts. Efforts making use of ProjectSAFE will be open and mirror content for redundancy and highest common denominator innovation.

A coming twist may entail DAOs may not be subject to transparency as easily. This privacy or secrecy from an AI run DAO is a theme in the Hollywood Series “Person of Interest.” In the series an AI/DAO is set up to watch everyone most of the time but only to kick out a name or “Person of Interest,” in order to prevent conflicts of interest. At the same time, its black box nature is a double edged sword as it doesn’t really share what its doing or its interests and other AI systems in the story world are more generalized and very secretive and not subject to any kind of human transparency ideas. They can spy on us and watch us but the converse doesn’t hold. Short of employing general AIs, DAO may still hold banks of material that slowly becomes transparent through human interaction or interrogation but this doesn’t have to be the case. I guess the point here is DAO’s in not being subject to human nature and human needs wouldn’t necessarily tend to self expose but could still maintain some troublesome surveillance activities.

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