Time Vault - Application

Maybe something like this has been discussed. Or already exists. If so then please forgive my ignorance.

Me and a friend were working on a project a couple of years ago called timevault.com. However we put it on the shelf as further research into storage costs (AWS) were frankly too expensive. Maybe we were ahead of our time with the idea. But here’s the basic’s of what we were/are trying to build:

What if you could do the following;

Record, upload, store and lock personal videos, photos and messages until a pre-determined date and time or event (Time Vault). Keep them private or share between family, friends or everybody.

Birthdays and special occasions
Pre-record, upload and send messages / files to friends and colleagues. Setting the time and date they can be viewed.

Digital Keep sake
Record messages as precious memories for loved ones or future generations. Keep them locked until your specified date and time.

Invite and encourage others to share messages via social network sites. This encourages the ‘sharing’ of the new p2p network. Network affect. It’s self-marketing.

Time Capsule
See your content in a real-time countdown. Set rules to when it can be viewed and by whom. Store for as little as 5 minutes, or as long as 10 + years.

Digital Preservation
No more copying or archiving to DVD’s, portable hard drives and USB thumb drives. Just save your favourite videos / digital media to time vault and manage them in one place.

For Business

New product announcements
Do you have a new brand or product coming to market? Want to hype it up? Publish to the time-vault and count your ‘followers’.

Team Task Management
Lock projects and notes between teams or departments. Set a time to open and re-visit previous ideas and projects. Nothing gets forgotten.

I’m really just scratching the surface here. The real opportunity is getting such an App up and running for mobile and tablets. Plenty of visuals already designed, we have the branding/logo already. (I can upload that if anybody wants to see it). What is the feasibility of this kind of application becoming reality using SAFE? Or are we just pissing in the wind?


Watch this space… time-vault coming soon


For some reason the ‘4 years later’ made me chuckle.


This thread IS the time vault.


Are there any project updates?