The Basics Of A Bitcoin-Based Global Identity System

2015 might just be the year of identity. Numerous global projects have stumbled at the point of identity, and billions suffer from inability to invest and maintain their own identities. Corrupt and politicized governments are not often the best answer. But they have traditionally been the only option. Combining the oldest and newest technologies of identity (face recognition and bitcoin), James D’Angelo provides an ultra simple, yet endlessly robust scheme for tackling the problem.

In this video we present the problem, design goals and the first steps of implementation with the technology. Future videos will dive deeper into the philosophy, logic, use cases, implementations as well as providing more robust solutions for the technology, incorporating opcode return, merkle roots and merkle trees, etc.

Did anyone see the old Mission Impossible series? Using faces? I wonder if his basic premise is not solid.

I do like some of his targets, but it might suffer from complex situations where early on the identity is (maybe deliberately) confused/stolen from the start in the “blockchain” How could/would one take back their identity?

The system says you are such-n-such, I don’t care who you are only what the system says.

There is potential and be interested in what comes out of this. And wonder if SAFE might provide a easier more robust system. Imagine the size of the blockchain for every person on the earth.

If we tether an id to a particular physical entity, then we do not allow nor account for changes in the mind of that entity and hence that entity can be locked into a category with no escape. Being able to grow and learn we are all ever changing, most for the better some for the worse, so being able to create new identities and thus start anew is important. So, I think the better way forward is to create a solid reputation system tethered to an account.