Tau-Chain - fully decentralized P2P network

First time I listen about this project, it sounds interesting.


Interview from today: Tau Chain: A ‘Decentralized App Store’ with Greater Flexibility than Ethereum

Any thoughts?

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I’m having a bit of a time wrapping my head around it but I think that’s mostly because of the new vocabulary. Seems it could be very useful tho couldn’t most of it’s functions already be performed by the SAFE network? Still the whole reasoning, proofs and human readable language does have a certain appeal.

Just read the Cointelegraph article. Conceptually, it sounds awesome. They claim their Tau language doesn’t need QA (quality assurance – i.e. a lot of testing) because the code is provable. I guess that’s what they mean by Tau being “decidable” vs. Ethereum being “undecidable” and Turing-complete.

It took a few iterative moments to realize that they are saying Turing-complete is not a good thing for Ethereum. Turing-complete is simply a machine (or language in this case) that is flexible enough to solve any computational problem given unlimited time and resources. That’s the negative of Turing-complete – indeterminable time and resources required to solve a problem.

So these provable chunks of code in the Tau base chain can be used as building blocks for future code. And since the Tau has p2p and blockchain functionality integrated in its language, it makes it easy to build new decentalized apps which are tied to the Tau base chain.

This all sounds very theoretical so I will have to see it to believe it. It’s easy to promise the world and deliver nothing. Anyone can do that.


I read over the paper and, from what I understand, what it purports is a unified Resource Description Framework based on Lambda Calculus via a DTLC based language.

Someone should tell him about Maidsafe because I see no obstacle this RDF could be created, and I think very easily, over the SAFE network.


We can just wait for the moment when Vitalik Buterin and friends strike back…

Tauchain can be implemented on Ethereum in 2 weeks.

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Lol…where you been? Is it true you’re just back from the commune? :smiley:

a few comments after reading (only) the coin telegraph interview

  1. I am very happy I am developing the SAFE network and not the Tau protocol
  2. it reminded me of when I studied Sheaf theory, in my unlearnt words “the mathematics of defining mathematics”. I guess that is a massive compliment to the Tau project; but I feel similar to Tau as to Sheaf theory: it is amazing to study but not very useful.
  3. in the interview they do point out the pain we are discovering of with block chain technology: as a new node you need to validate the whole blockchain from the genesis block - as it has been evaluated by nodes at that time (bugs and all), or trust the other nodes on the network. it is a problem for bitcoin, it is an even bigger problem for ethereum (unless they have some -magical- solution); I am not convinced that Tau’s context solves this problem sufficiently; you still need to evaluate the main chain; and if an app (say Facebook) is a context, you’d have to re-evaluate (and locally store) all of Facebook…; or even if it is your own history that is a chain, then you’d have to reevaluate and store your full history – which then also begs the question, literally no other nodes are going to be incentivised in securing your side-chain if the scope of that side-chain is too small; so it seems an hard balance to strike

Im speaking for our project of course, but a blockchain technology only has a limited applicability in the long term as it builds an expensive history. The SAFE network is inspired by nature. Nature does not keep or re-evaluate the whole history from “genesis”; it is sufficient to consistent. This opens up so many more possibilities :smile:


Any updated thoughts on Tauchains and Agora which is now in ICO? Seems like mind blowing potential.