I would like to be able to follow the forum on my smartphone.
Would it be possible to get the forum added to tapatalk?


Unfortunately, Discourse which is used on this forum, does not appear to be supported by the Tapatalk API.

That’s disappointing…it does look useful:

If you’ve ever tried to follow multiple forums on a mobile browser, you know how inconsistent of an experience it can be. We save you time and make it easy to follow all of your favorite online communities on your mobile device.

You can monitor, post, and add photos to all your favorite forums, all in a single app. You can even elect to receive push notifications on your favorite threads.

Tapatalk can also help you discover new forums based on the topics you like to follow.


Tapatalk app speaks Tapatalk API - Community Owners can install the free Tapatalk API (“Plugin”) to your existing system. It takes only 15 minutes with our step-by-step instructions.

I use it all the time for different forums. I know many others do too.
In this thread Tapatalk says they will add it eventually. I will write them.