Subgraph - Secure OS (Open Source)

Subgraph is in pre-alpha (February 2016) is an OS aims to secure the “endpoints” while remaining easy to use. Based on Linux (Debian Stretch).

Subgraph believes that security and usability are not necessarily
mutually exclusive. One of our objectives is ease of use, particularly
for privacy tools, without compromising effectiveness. Subgraph Mail is
the email client, and it was written from scratch partially because of
usability concerns expressed around privacy tools.

Subgraph OS is based on a foundation designed to be resistant to
attacks against operating systems and the applications they run.
Subgraph OS includes built-in Tor integration, and a default policy that sensitive applications only communicate over the Tor network.
###Secure Communication
Subgraph Mail is a new desktop email client written from scratch, with its own implementation of OpenPGP built-in.

More: Subgraph OS

They are currently looking for alpha testers.

Short review:


Nice one buddy! Haven’t heard about it before :wink:

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I don’t know, man, the download is full of files from 2014, and now they’re in alpha (you might as well use Mint!)…

Looks like a one man project… Oh, wait, it is a man project!

Uhm, nice but unlikely to take off, IMO.

I guess you didn’t read the article then.

Your posts are lacking accuracy and usefulness again lately - lots of critical opinions without useful critique or constructive points.

Please return to the improved form you showed during January. That period was much from you better IMO, and shows you are capable of it.

  • Four guys are in the team which is getting the money, but
  • One guy is manning the bugs DB and there’s a ton of open issues, most of which have received no response.

To me, that’s a one man project.

Besides, I don’t understand why you’re commenting on my comment using your moderator status?
Let people comment what they think. If someone else disagrees, we’ll find out.

  • Yep, that is definitively a “one-man project”
  • This is a real multi-person project

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