Stylometry & anonymity on the network

Great summary @neo, thanks!

I agree re “it is up to the person to be anonymous and this means being educated”. Personally, I believe this can be a part of the network ethos: the whole ecosystem and apps can subtly (or not so) educate users about the importance of anonymity on the network and about best routes to anonymise oneself – similarly to e.g. how the Tor Browser disables cookies by default, which, of course, is not a silver bullet, but it’s still better than the current state of tracking on the Web.

I think this also relates to the discussion about the role of UI/UX that was brought up by @JimCollinson here: Web Apps and access control - #3 by JimCollinson

Yes, exactly :slight_smile: There’s an interesting bit about that DEF CON presentation though: the authors explicitly state they don’t depend on the formatting at all, they analyse the parsed abstract syntax trees instead.