Stream content + get paid in BTC


This would be amazing app for the Safe Network!


Yeah especially if we can improve it to store data on the SAFE network so it’s secure and private.

FYI I’m pretty sure Streamium is P2P anyway. I believe it uses WebRTC.

It says right on their site there are known security issues so P2P or not it’s not secure.

Well for what it’s meant for, it’s going to work It’s not supposed to protect you from the NSA, so what they’re aiming to do isn’t unattainable.

And it’s not like they’re asking you to buy 1 year worth of subscription. It’s just to watch some shit on the Web for couple of satoshi.

This is why I say there should be made an improved maidsafe version that IS secure and private. Being a little bit insecure is like being a little bit pregnant. You’re either secure or you’re not. You’re essentially using the bike lock vs the fort knox arguement. That security is reletive to the threat you’re trying to defend from. However considering the threat that inspired maidsafe in the first place was overbearing governments and the like censoring websites, spying on our communications and all that sort of thing I think it’s fair to say we need NSA proof protection to be secure.

Of course, and I don’t think these guys will intentionally leave the holes unplugged Either.
They’re just telling you that at the current stage you should not try to stream Mad Men if you live in the USSA.

It says so on their Web site.

And by the way, it’s released under the MIT license (